How Celebs Prep Their Kids For A Great Homeschool

Learn from homeschool veteran celeb moms and dads how they prep their kids for a great homeschool year!

With ECQ Season 3 and our kids’ homeschool year all starting at the same time, we’re all probably stressed from all that juggling. With the attempt at a work-life balance chewing us out, we’re starting to feel that we’re sacrificing more than we should so we can make the most out of homeschooling our kids. We see all these famous homeschool families looking so fresh even with the stress so we gathered some tricks they use to make homeschooling easier for all of us.

1. Letting the older kids help as a teaching assistant

At times, it’s hard to prep multiple kids for homeschool especially when they’ve got different competencies according to the DepEd. But there is one particular silver lining in having multiple kids: they can help as teaching assistants! Kids usually learn through copying with the whole “monkey see, monkey do” adage coming to play. Homeschool veteran mom Joy Mendoza shares how her older kids help out in teaching her younger kids. “It’ll reinforce values like patience and kindness but it makes it easier on me too,” says Joy.

2. Keeping a schedule for classes

It’s definitely hard when you’re juggling a business and trying to prep your homeschool for kids. But having a schedule helps keep it less toxic, giving you a level of control and also reminding you that there are things that you want done. For the last four years, homeschool veteran parents Chesca and Doug Kramer maintained a homeschool schedule for their kids as to when classes even for sports and even have their own set of rules for their homeschool to keep things all well and fun.

3. Creating a space for them to study

The environment does a lot especially if you’re prepping your kids for homeschool. It gives them the mindset that they need to settle down and get their business done. But it shouldn’t be a place also that looks like a clerical corporate cubicle. We can take a page out of Mai Kaufman’s book in creating a homeschool space with a glass board to write on and white walls to keep the mind fresh and the distractions out.

4. Promote Self-Care with Your Kids

We’ve been promoting self-care for some time now but to actually get it done is another thing. Self-care may not look productive to some but it actually helps you recharge to move on to the next round. Celine Cornejo advocates and guides her kids in her homeschool to have a form of self-care as it teaches them resilience and to help mitigate whatever dark gloomy vibes the pandemic might be sending their way.

5. Recreate the one thing your kids miss about school

We’re sure that kids miss a lot of things from their old school. They miss their friends, running around, talking, and even just sitting down on the steps near their classroom before running back to class. When Kelly Misa asked her son, he said that it was the lunches she used to make him when he would go. So, to make homeschool a little more fun, she would prep Tristan bento boxes for him to eat after class.

6. Expand their world through books

Although the borders to venture to the outside world have been shut, it doesn’t mean we can’t expand their world with books. While some books can be boring (especially if they’re nothing but walls of text!), there are some well-written books out there that can expose your kids to a whole new world. Whether it’s in the Philippines or if it’s in a whole new world or just books they can read for leisure, Patty Muhlach’s approach to exposing her kids to the world of reading will definitely help your kids stave off the cabin fever.

It’s another year of homeschool for our kids!

Although it’s tiring, it’s good to know that there are always communities of homeschool parents always willing to help out the new ones. We perhaps have been homeschooling all our life without actually realizing it: by exposing our kids to other things and being their teachers at home, we have been doing it. It’s just now that there are actual grades and portfolios to submit but not to worry, moms and dads! We’ve got this!

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