10 Fun Rainy Day Activities Kids Will Love

Staying at home for both the pandemic and the rainy season can be taxing. Here are some fun rainy activities for you and your kids to enjoy.

With COVID-19 already keeping us at home, now the kids can’t even step outside into the garden because of the rain. During the rainy season, kids may feel a little more depressed because they’re idle and bored. Nothing worse than a kid bored on a rainy day and we’re sure that the upcoming school year for home school isn’t soothing anybody either. But we can make that rain go away with these fun rainy day activities for you and your kids!

1. Painting or anything that’s artsy!

Painting, coloring, drawing, sketching — the rainy season’s the perfect time for your kids to explore their creative side! Art projects were always fun rainy day activities for kids because it lets them see they can create something. That’s definitely a massive self-esteem booster especially during the pandemic when they don’t have anywhere to devote their energy to. You can print out vector images on Google or even watch Bob Ross videos with them to let them explore their artsy side!

2. Make Hot Chocolate

For us, moms, we can make coffee but since kids are still too young for that, they can make their own hot chocolate instead! What better way for them to enjoy the rainy day than to let them make their own hot chocolate with all the marshmallows and ice cream they like. Although they might make a mess in the kitchen, the important part is that they had fun so that the cold rainy day doesn’t get them down.

3. Playing Minecraft with Friends

With Minecraft being the latest craze, it’s no surprise they’ve probably begged us over a thousand times for us to buy them the game. While we’re a little iffy about them gaming for long periods of time, Minecraft changed our minds about that. Minecraft allows players to create servers that we can protect with a password so that nobody can just get in. It’ll take home tech work and learning but once it’s set up, your kids will be so happy to be able to play with their friends again.

4. Make a Rain Catcher

One of the more educational but fun rainy day activities has your kids designing and building a rain catcher. Teaching them how to build a rain catcher helps them understand the importance of water and how they can be resourceful in situations that need a lot of water. You’ll also get to tease their brains a little about physics and allow them to exercise their creativity. Who knows? You might soon have a hydroelectric generator in your backyard!

5. Reading a book (that homeschool doesn’t require!)

With the rain pouring and school not in yet, kids now have the chance to read whatever tickles their fancy! Because of the pandemic, kids often read just because homeschool demands it but reading’s more than that. Choosing fun books for their age helps them explore and expand their imagination especially when they haven’t been out for so long. If they haven’t found any good books yet, we have a few that can help jumpstart their love for reading.

6. Watch Broadway plays online

Nothing beats the classics especially when you’re trying to find some fun activities to do on a rainy day with your kids. Broadway plays like Wicked or Legally Blonde: The Musical will help your kids appreciate all kinds of music. Although, some of the musicals like Phantom of the Opera might be a little too spooky for them. We’d suggest King and I by Roger and Hammerstein for something a little light. To watch, you can find it on YouTube and stream it on your TV.

7. Dance to some groovy music

Our biggest frustration right now with this pandemic is that our kids don’t have the physical exercise they need! So, what better way to fight the rainy day blues with some really cool dance tunes? While kids can sometimes be a little self-conscious about dancing in front of people, you can dance with them to encourage them. Your dancing doesn’t have to be concert-level; you just need to let go and let the music tell you what to do!

8. Pretend Play

Nothing is more fun than letting your kids’ imaginations run wild during the rainy season! Studies have shown that kids who pretend play become more creative, resourceful, and more communicative as they grow older. If your kid wants to pretend they’re a spy on a mission with Nerf guns, go ahead! The best part about Pretend Play is that they can do it anywhere in the house. Just make sure that if you have some precious, fragile family heirlooms lying around, you’ll put it away before it gets caught in the cross-fire.

9. Re-design their room

The reason why Aunt Debbie Down might be visiting your kids during the rainy season is that they’re staring at the same arrangement everyday! And when everything’s the same, there’s nothing fun or stimulating about it. Especially for older kids, give them the chance to re-design or re-arrange their room. You can give them a budget or even let them just draw a concept first and show it to you before you both actually start moving the furniture around.

10. Catch up on some movies!

As long as you have Netflix or any movie-streaming account, you can recreate the movie house experience at home! Best part is, you don’t have to dress up. What better way to wait for the rain to stop than to watch a couple of movies with free food, free drinks, and a blanket? It’s like a premium experience in a mall theatre except for this one, it’s completely free! Now’s the perfect time for your kids to catch up on movies before the school year starts.

There are a lot of fun rainy day activities for kids!

The pandemic’s already taking a toll on the kids; we don’t want the rain to add to the cocktail of doom and gloom. Even though the skies might be darker than usual, that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with fun rainy day activities to help your kids pass the time or to distract them from the rain. And if your kids ask when will the rain stop, you can tell them what Loki once told Thor in Avengers: Infinity War, “The sun will shine on us again soon.”

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