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It’s Time To Chill and UNWND

If you’re sick and tired of living in the city, UWND can help you find a sanctuary where you can just vibe and chill.

Being cooped up in our houses has done nothing for our mental health during this whole pandemic. Even with the vaccines rolling out, we’re sure that you’re tired after making sure your younger kids are consistently attending online summer classes. So for a change of pace, we’re thinking that you might want a place where you can have a Staycation. But where are you going to go when most hotels have become quarantine areas?

Chill and Vibe’s the name of the game

UNWND takes a more ethnic approach when creating the ultimate staycation place. Each design piece in UNWND takes the family to the different parts of the world beyond the urban jungle that we’ve gotten used to seeing. For you and your family, UNWND has a place known as the FLATS where you can enjoy either bunk beds like a real travel trip or have your own solo rooms like a hotel.

Each room and service in UNWND lets you and your kids experience something new. With different cultures in a room, they can learn about the different authentically ethnic styles instead of always looking at posh and modern. But if that’s not their thing, the family can venture down into UNWND’s WYP Restaurant where they offer an array of global flavors to take your palate on a gastronomic worldwide trip before ending it with a Weekend Feast.

But maybe the food trip might be a bit much. What if you and your older kids are suffering from Zoom Fatigue? For both of you, you can head up to the jacuzzi on the rooftop while watching the sun set on Manila Bay. While you’re at it, you can enjoy a spritzer while your kids can have one of UNWND Café’s Special Immune Boosting Smoothies. It’s also a good place to start if you want to monitor their alcohol tolerance.

Indulge your need to UNWND

We need to UNWND after all the stress that the pandemic has put through. Because we’re always in a constant state of worry, our zest for life slowly burns away until we’re left with nothing but frustration and rage. But it’s time we recognize that the toxic cycle of stress needs to end. It’s time we head over to UNWND and indulge our desire to escape and explore. To find out more about them and their policies for the pandemic, you can check out their FB, Instagram or their website.

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