Find Love and Good Family: Health on the Farmer’s Table

The healthiest and the best food for our families can always be found at the Farmer’s Table.

Getting your kids to eat healthy is hard, especially with the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic. But they have to eat healthy otherwise, they won’t be strong enough to fight the side effects of the vaccine or even the virus itself! And if you want them to be healthy enough, change their diet. We know it’s a little hard, especially that means hours of persuasion to get your kids to eat. But what if there’s a restaurant that helps you do that?

Each ingredient that reaches their kitchen is only from their farm.

Farmer’s Table, the latest addition to the Raintree Hospitality Group of Restaurants, takes pride in helping people become locavores. Meaning, all their food creations only have local ingredients. When they say local, they mean they have their own farm to harvest it from. Having their own farm allows the Farmer’s Table to harvest and check the ingredients themselves on the day itself, guaranteeing that they are at their freshest.

“Our distinct advantage is that we have the freshest ingredients. We always pick them out in the morning from our farm,” explains Raintree Hospitality Corporate Chef Kalel Chan, pointing out that Tagaytay has always been a source of high-quality vegetables, herbs, coffee, and even meat products for restaurants in Manila. “Most of our ingredients are within the two to a three-kilometer radius around the restaurant.”

The food within our locale is our safest bet

Farmer’s Table prides itself on having a menu filled with mouth-watering creations made only from ingredients they themselves harvested. Their Hothouse Cauliflower & Broccoli is one of their most recommended dishes. A vegetarian take on Buffalo Wings, your kids will love the Hothouse Cauliflower & Broccoli especially with its crispy batter and sweet, tangy, and spicy glaze. And if they get past the ruse of you trying to feed them vegetables, there’s a pizza for them to enjoy filled with an all-time breakfast favorite: bacon and eggs.

For your older kids who may have outgrown pizza and buffalo wings, the Mr. Jones Tapa – an all-time Filipino favorite made only from locally grown, grass-fed cows – might tickle their fancy. And if your kids are looking for pasta and you’re trying to sneak them some vegetables (again), the Garlic Tinapa and Cherry Tomato Pesto Pasta may do the trick. All the more they’ll eat it if you add some Kesong Puti, the local and creamier equivalent to Parmesan Cheese for some in terms of flavor.

Let’s spread the love through supporting the local farms and eating healthy food!

For years, the Philippines has always been said to create the best food because all the ingredients they use are from their grounds. With our farmers also struggling to survive during this pandemic, we can help them make money and keep our families healthy by buying them food with only local ingredients. Find out more about Farmer’s Table, about their advocacy, and food on their FB, Instagram, or just email them at

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