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How to create a fancy Dine At Home Experience

Because of the pandemic, we start languishing and feeling unappreciated because of the lack of fancy dinners. But we can recreate that experience at home.

Coming up and creating a fancy Dine At Home experience can be exhausting. Sometimes, it boils all the way down to what utensils you’ll use and what plates you’ll use. But then, you’ll have to consider your kids. Some kids have the motor skills of the Hulk and you don’t want them breaking your inherited flatware. But, now that everyone’s at home because of the pandemic, it would be a good time to teach them how to eat in fancy places.

Kids learn via simulation. Teaching them how to eat in a fancy dinner at home can improve their etiquette.

Dine At Home with Hyatt's Different Cuisines

Instead of having them wail and scream in a hotel restaurant, you can recreate the experience at home with a few substitutes. Spotify can serve as a substitute for a live orchestra. Other people even use YouTube with classical playlists. For the dinnerware, you can pull out your Oneida, Roger’s, or Sheffield Silverware for that extra oomph of fancy. Having multiple plates placed on top of one another helps too.

Once you have the set-up, you’re now ready for your fancy Dine At Home experience. The final element is the food. Grand Hyatt Hotel currently has their chefs from The Grand Kitchen, No. 8 China House, and Florentine working on fancy menus that feature the world’s different cuisines. Instead of jeopardizing your kitchen and experimenting on dishes, you can just order the food from Grand Hyatt Hotel. They offer both Eastern and Western cuisines along with some vegan options.

If you’re also trying to simulate British afternoon snack time due to a recent The Crown or Bridgerton binge, Grand Hyatt Hotel does snacks too. At least you won’t be stuck with constantly calling fast foods. It also exposes your children to other food. Granted, they’ll say “no!” half the time. When it comes to food, you just have to be a little more insistent. To get them started, you can contact Grand Hyatt Hotel through their FB or call them at +632 8838 1234.

Did our plan help you create the ultimate #DineAtHome experience? Here’s more of our plans to help you come up with new things:

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