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Life-changing Tools Every Mom Needs

The pandemic made us realize that there are so many tools that we actually need. Especially on Mother’s month, there are tools out there that can make your life so much easier!

The pandemic made us realize how our houses can be underequipped when it comes to appliances. Depending on the size of the house, our appliances change to accommodate that. It’s why we always demand that our washing machines handle more than 10 kg or are heavy-duty. We usually fall back to the old equipment because they have fewer buttons and are simpler to use.

We’ve learned to compensate and do things “ye old-fashioned way”. But it can get exhausting. Whipping egg whites until they form into stiff peaks by hand with a whisk is a workout. Making fried rice without a wok? So hard! Forget just throwing clothes into the washing machine — not all clothes are designed to handle spin-dry or washing.

So what are some cool tools we need during this pandemic? Here are some pretty good ones we found!

1. Cuisinart Precision Master 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

For us who are bakers and entrepreneurs, the Cuisinart Precision Master 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer is a godsend. As someone who makes soufflés, having a stand mixer to turn egg whites into stiff peaks makes life so much easier. If you want to have some strawberries, the mixer can double the volume of that chilled cream in no time. If you’re looking for one, there’s one available on the Birch Gift Registry with your name on it.

2. Tefal Ingenio 3-Piece Set in Blue Salt & the Beka Nomad Wok Pan 31cm

While we’re not trying to be a Master Chef, we’re sure that you at least want to be the Master Chef in your family’s lives. The Tefal Ingenio 3-Piece Set has a detachable handle, making it easier to store. And the wok? If you’re going to make amazing fried rice, you need to have some of that wok hay. Get the Beka Nomad Wok Pan and Pan Set at the Birch Gift Registry to upgrade your kitchen tools.

3. Conair Dual Power Garment Steamer

Even in a pandemic, looking good is a must. Some of us are not only stay-at-home moms. Others are career women. We need our blazers ready, our white button-ups neatly pressed. Not just that, COVID19 demands we become extra clean. What better way to kill germs than to heat them off? That’s what the Conair Dual Power Garment Steamer is for. Easily steam clean your clothes to get those germs off by getting one of these in the Birch Gift Registry.

4. Oneida Continuum 20-Piece Flatware Set

Who doesn’t love shiny? On our wedding day, a lot of our gifts are either flatware or some random appliance because it looks big. But having pretty silverware is always good to have. Especially if you want to simulate a fancy buffet on Mother’s Day or if you want to upgrade your party, the Oneida Continuum 20-Piece Flatware Set is one of the prettier tools to have to make dining a wonderful experience.

5 & 6. Fine Guard Sports Mask & Aladdin 20 oz Fresco Twist & Go Water Bottle in Orchid

Self-care is always important for us, moms. But what can we do during the pandemic? We can do Yoga and Pilates which we probably have a ton of DVDs of, collecting dust on the shelves. But if you’re really in for the runner’s high, we suggest getting the fine guard sports mask (to keep COVID19 away) and the Aladdin 20 oz Fresco Twist & Go Water Bottle in Orchid to keep hydrated. Get your sports gear from Birch Registry to avail of a neat discount.

7. Travel Luggage

We’re pretty sure that your luggage is about to give out. Since the pandemic has insisted on lockdowns and little travel, now’s your chance to repair or replace the luggage you have. The Samsonite Popsoda Spinner is known to be a sturdy model. The American Tourister also has a few models that you’d like. But if you’re not really planning to go anywhere, nothing beats getting a Reisenthel Black Carrybag for grocery shopping.

Nothing beats giving useful tools as a gift!

When it comes down to tools and equipment, we know we always need something for one thing. Flowers and chocolates are nice for a gift. But nothing beats receiving a gift that’ll make your life easier. We say head over to The Birch Registry to get all your gifting and shopping needs sorted!

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