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5 MOMents Moms would love to have (but won’t tell you!)

When it comes to creating your dream moments as mom, you kinda have to be a little more explicit.

Being a mom has both good and bad moments. There are moments where you and your family are laughing. But there are times that you have to pull out one of those famous one-liners. So, the balance was pretty decent. But now, no thanks to the pandemic, it’s a lot messier. Kids miss their friends and going out. Your husband is not too keen on the housework. Unfortunately, who’s going to take care of them? It falls to you to do so. But…

If you’re taking care of all of them, who’s taking care of you?

Even before quarantine, the home’s your domain. But the pandemic changed so many things. There are homeschool and online summer classes to think about. You now have added being an academic to your resume. And worse, you’re not being paid for any of this! This is why you need to take a break. You deserve compensation for all that you’ve done. What better day to ask for that than on Mother’s Day?

What kind of MOMents are those? Well, here are some MOMents we would like but never admit to:

1. Having Breakfast in Bed

Sure, you won’t admit to this. But doesn’t breakfast in bed before a hectic day sound nice? While bacon and eggs are always good, Mother’s Day shouldn’t have you scrambling in the kitchen. The Fort Shangri-La has a Boxed Breakfast Set that you can easily order and have delivered. If you have older kids, have them pick it up for you or tell them to use Grab, Lalamove, or Food Panda. Once you get it, you can either have some me-time or spend breakfast with them.

2. Enjoying Strawberries on a slow day

Whenever we hear strawberries, we usually eat with whipped cream and in front of the TV. Or, you and the fam head up to Baguio just buy a box of them. But with COVID19, you have to be extra careful. We end up washing it thrice or more in salt and water. Plus, the grocery is an enclosed space! More COVID to be found there. If you want strawberries and have a sweet tooth, there’s a Strawberry Shortcake sitting in Manila House Bakery with your name on it!

3. Afternoon Tea Time

We’re sure you got pretty hooked on Netflix’s Bridgerton. Who wouldn’t want to experience a sweet, wholesome romance where you can drink tea and talk all day? And if you’re a collector of tea-sets, you can now put them to good use! The High Street Lounge has an Afternoon Tea Set that has a variety of pastries to enjoy with a cup of tea. Have your kids join you (if you want) and enjoy British tea time. Don’t forget, keep the pinky out while drinking your tea.

4. A Queenly Feast

Cravings are the worst. You’re there at home, stuck eating either fast food or something straight out of a can. Then, you open your Facebook and you see restaurants posting pictures of fancy food. The worst is, you only get to see all these pictures in the middle of the night! But don’t worry, High Street Cafe’s Buffet Box will have something you’ll enjoy! They have a 4-course meal set that offers both Western and Asian specialties.

5. Heart to Heart Moments with a Drink

Though it’s bad to get drunk, one drink won’t kill you. Studies have shown that drinking red wine can improve heart health. So, Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to go get a drink. If you’re not into alcohol, the Fort has a set with bubbly Prosecco. If your kids are that crazy and you need something stronger, the Back Room’s resident mixologist strongly recommends the fruity Hey Mama cocktail for the nerves.

Thank you, Shangri-La at the Fort!

Your kids and your husband are probably just thinking to buy you flowers and call it day. But no, you deserve more. After constantly cleaning up, making sure the pandemic doesn’t drive them crazy, you definitely have the right to demand something special. You might want to start early and pre-order on their website: That way, you treat yourself without a problem.

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