Look With Your Eyes: Famous One-Liners All Pinoy Kids Can Relate To

Because nothing makes us more nostalgic and scared than remembering what our parents used to say

It’s funny, now that we’re parents, we’re doing all the things we said we’d never do — including using our parents’ famous one-liners. Yes, back then, nothing was scarier than the threat of our mom’s flying tsinelas or the pincer like grip of our lola‘s fingers. And since we’re somewhat more woke, we’re left with powerful, stinging words (that hold painful memories) to use against our kids.

While, in retrospect, these one-liners make a lot of sense, we can’t deny how satisfying it feels to tell our children off using the very words that scared the lights out of us back then.

Without further ado, here are the famous one liners every Pinoy kid knows:

1. Our parents whispering this in our ears because they can’t whip out the flying tsinelas in public

Nothing scared us more than the looming threat of being punished the minute we got home.

It was during these times we seriously considered what it would take to be adopted by our favorite titas.

2. Hearing this when you can’t find what you’re looking for

When you couldn’t find what you were looking for, you could always rely on your mom to give this piece of advice. Sadly, it didn’t help but in retrospect, made so much sense.

3. The threat of getting pinched in your *gasp* private parts

Although this never actually happened, knowing that it could scared the living daylights out of us.

4. Being told this after getting hurt

Fine, we probably should have stopped doing what we weren’t supposed to (like slide down the bannister) but our parents’ sarcasm hurt even more.

5 & 6. These dramatic outcries

We all knew that our moms were great at multi-tasking: taking charge of the household, working like a boss at the office — but who knew they were such great actresses too?

Ah, the good old guilt trip method. Hearing this was a sign that we had to stop whatever we were doing ASAP before we got pinched where the sun don’t shine (see #3).

7. The ultimate reason we had to finish the food on our plates

The “starving kids in Africa” probably had no idea that Pinoy parents were using them to convince us to clean up our plates.

8. Just when you thought you were getting away with something….

Our parents reminded us that they knew all AND saw all. And if it happened while we were out, they’d probably say one liner #1.

9. The ultimate reason we couldn’t do anything bad

Security guard, police — the two were always interchangeable in our household. It also worked really well when the aforementioned people were nearby.

10. Reminiscing about the good ol’ days

Nothing like talking about the times when everyone was good and times were simpler — but apparently, a lot, lot harder. Any comforts and complaints we have is basically trivial compared to all the hardships they experienced in the past. Yup, it sucks to be us.

11. Why we could never have what our parents were eating

Ah, the old “it’s spicy” method. If they didn’t want to share, this was their favorite excuse. It’s a wonder we’re cool with eating actual spicy food.

12. The final countdown

If you heard this countdown, something bad was bound to happen to you. And if your parents got to number 4, chances are, you’d probably be meeting the flying tsinelas after dinner. Moreso if you didn’t finish what was on your plate…

13. Why we stopped making faces

Nothing like the “bad wind” to stop us from pretending to be cross-eyed or pulling silly faces.

14. When sibling rivalry gets real

Nothing says family more than a good ol’ fight between siblings. Back then, the more hair pulled and screams shouted, the better. The only thing that would make us stop was this ultra-scary one liner — who knew that hearing our parents condone violence would be the ultimate buzzkill?

Tell us, how many of these one liners have you used on your own kids lately?

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