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Hilarious Tweets All Parents Can Relate To

Because sometimes all you can do is laugh. Really.

We love our kids. We really do. But sometimes, they do things that could drive us up the wall, making us question everything we’ve learned from Google.


When you’re done ugly crying about your kid cutting their brother’s hair with your craft scissors, we suggest you read these hilarious tweets in place of your Headspace app. You’re welcome.

Hilarious tweets that resonate with every parent

1. That time your kid made a savage comment about your boobs

2. When you realized you married the right person

3. When it’s Monday and your day is packed with meetings and homeschooling

4. When grooming is an adventure

5. When your kid knows her worth

6. The day you decide your kid should put themselves to bed

7. Lying to your husband can be fun sometimes

8. How to be a momfluencer 101

9. Because self-love is important, guys

10. Sweet dreams are made of these…

11. Screenshotting this and sending to the hubby, stat!

12. It’s important to be fair

13. This woman is a genius

14. These picky kids tho

15. Ever stepped on a piece of LEGO?

16. When you don’t want to share your dessert

Tell us, which of these tweets do you relate to the most?

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