These Online Learning Memes Accurately Show How Parents Really Feel

Because everybody hurts…sometimes

With the promise of the vaccine in the distant future (who knows, really), many schools have opted to continue online learning for the next school year. And for many parents, the news has stirred up many emotions.

Last year, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents were forced to homeschool their children. While the kids missed their classmates, sports and the social aspect of school, parents had to take charge of their kids’ learning on top of their own workload. We’ve come to appreciate our teachers more than ever as we realized how tough it truly is to teach the most basic concepts. It was a crazy year for all, and only a trusty meme could truly encapsulate our feelings about online learning.

Here are our favorite online learning memes

1. When you’ve forgotten to log in on Zoom for the kids

Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of your kid panicking when they can’t log on for online learning. Our top tip? Save the login information on your computer so you don’t have to deal with tricky passcodes or room IDs. I mean… what kind of passcode is a45heisl2j ?! And yes, this tops our list of our favorite online learning memes.

2. When you’re drowning in emails, keeping up with lessons and all the art projects and science experiments…

That moment you realize “Wait a second! Why am I the one so stressed out with all this schoolwork? Oh yeah, I don’t have a choice!” Yup. We feel you, sis.

3. The glorious moment you realize everyone is going through the same thing

Need someone to commiserate with? That’s all of us, honey. Never has the entire world ever been so united. And for that, we’re in for an extra glass of wine.

4. When you’re in the zone and someone interrupts

You spent a good 30 minutes of your morning trying to settle everyone down and then another 30 explaining a complicated math sequence (that you studied all night) — only to be interrupted by a Lazada delivery? Oh, it better be good.

5. The difference between kids and teens

Whether you’ve got a too-cool-for-school teen or an kid who uses Zoom as their personal YouTube account, online learning is always an adventure.

6. Got WiFi?

Online learning? You’ll need a good WiFi connection, a mobile device or tablet, a whole lot of patience and an extra stash of wine.

7. It seemed doable at first

Let’s take it back, way back to when we thought online learning was doable on top of our workload. Yup, we actually thought we could just leave our kids in front of the computer and thought it would work. Not.

8. Math is really hard

online learning memes tweet

Sorry if it takes us 45 minutes to figure out how many apples Bob bought to make applesauce after spending Php1670 on grapes and oranges at a 15% discount while walking 60 meters every minute….

9. #TBT: When we thought homeschooling was weird

online learning memes homesschooling

Us back then: Why would you homeschool your kids? What about socialization? Don’t you feel like you’re depriving them of a normal childhood?
Us today: Pass the chalkboard, buddy. We’re learning about the metamorphosis of a butterfly with our very own cocoons in our backyard.
Oh homeschoolers, how we wish we had your skills.

We’re in this for another year, folks. Let’s brace ourselves for online learning again next school year and hopefully, learn from all the mishaps we’ve had in the last few months. After all, they say second time’s a charm, right (or was that third)? Here’s crossing our fingers and toes for better days ahead.

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