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4 Party Trays for the Best Mother’s Day Family Celebration

It’s always been Filipino tradition to celebrate an event over homecooked food! But cooking a party tray for 10 people is hard!

When you think of homecooked food, you remember nanay and all her wonderful recipes. Every time there was a birthday or celebration, she would cook you your favorite food. There was spaghetti, lasagna, and for those with Spanish relatives: a paella. And like any other celebration, Mother’s Day for you must have good food!

Every day during the pandemic, it’s either you’re stuck ordering fast food (since it’s the easiest to put away!) or resorting to canned food. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but, we’re sure you want a little extra on your special day. We don’t mean extra as in, fancy. But, maybe a little homecooked food from Illo’s to help warm up the home to remedy all the damage the pandemic has caused.

So, what are the best homecooked meals for Mother’s Day? Check out some of the party trays we found!


Nothing beats a freshly roasted paella. What’s not to love when there’s meat on top of roasted rice? Illo’s Paella comes in two styles: Valenciana and Negra. Paella Negra’s the fun one where you’ll see your kids flashing their black teeth and using their spoons as a mirror to see how black their mouth is! Valenciana is a perfect balance if you’re looking for both meat and fish in case one in the fam is allergic to squid.

Beef Salpicao

When you have tender beef cubes lightly drizzled with olive oil and garlic, the fragrance can definitely overwhelm you. One of Illo’s specialties is their savory Beef Salpicao. Since beef is hard to cook, easier to just order! That way, you and your family can enjoy all the beef without the stress. Forget going to the grocery, just order from Illo’s to get Beef Salpicao Party Tray with real homecooked goodness.

Crispy Pork Binagoongan

Imagine the juicy tender pork melting with your mouth after that loud crunch from the crispy skin. Talk about delectable. But it’s also nostalgic. Remember the times that chicharon and cold rice were a thing? Eating Illo’s Crispy Pork Binagoongan is a perfect dish for you and your family to enjoy while remembering the good days. Best part is, it has a good reheat value should you have difficulty in finishing the tray!

Baked Spaghetti

A classic, and all-time favorite, a Baked Spaghetti Party Tray brings families together with oozing cheese and savory red sauce. Nothing screams celebration more than a tray of baked pasta. Illo considers their Baked Spaghetti the best. Eating Baked Spaghetti with kids can really warm the heart with a wave of nostalgia especially if your mom used to make it too.

Mother’s Day in the Philippines: Celebrating as a family with party trays

One thing about celebrating Mother’s Day as a Filipino is that it’s always celebrated with family. After all, they’re the reason why you’ve officially gained the Mom title! The pandemic gave everyone (including us, moms) a lot of time to realize that taking care of your family and having time for yourself are both equally important. To kick off the celebration, you can contact them through their website at:

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