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What To Do When Your Child Hates Online Learning

Simple parenting strategies to try out when nothing’s going right

You heard it right folks, we’re in for another year of online learning. Yes, we need to deal with all the tricky Zoom passwords again, yes, we need to manage our kids’ homework on top of our own workload and yes, nobody is happy. Especially the kids.

While some have gotten used to downloading their homework from Google Classroom, others are downright not having it. We get it; it’s tough, especially if you aren’t used to being in front of a screen 24/7 and used to a more hands-on approach. If your child is one of these kids, here are some parenting strategies you could try.

Parenting strategies to try when your child hates online learning

1. Count to 10, then empathize

When you’re in the throes of online learning, tensions are always high. And when tensions are high, not all reasoning and thinking skills are operating at their best. Think about the times you’ve been stressed — were you ever able to make a sound decision? It’s the same for kids. So, before you freak out, take a deep breath, count to 10 and empathize with your child. Show them that you understand their frustrations. This will help both of you calm down and finish your online learning session without screaming.

2. Get them moving

Being hunched over a computer or tablet all day isn’t fun for anyone. Our top tip? Take a little break with a dance or yoga class on YouTube! We particularly enjoy Cosmic Kids Yoga’s themed yoga and movement classes — you can take your pick between 10, 20 and 50 minute sessions, which is perfect for online learning days.

3. Let them decorate their workspace

If you haven’t set up your kids’ study area yet, we suggest getting them involved in the process. Whether they want to use chalk paint for the walls or hang up their favorite artwork, they’ll be more willing to sit down for a study sesh when they’ve got their mark on it. However, do point out that it always needs to be kept tidy to increase focus and productivity! Check out our fave kiddie-furniture stores for inspo!

4. Get outdoors

Being cooped up indoors all day isn’t fun for anyone, especially in front of a computer. When kids are sitting in front of screens all day, their eyes will need to take a break. Our fave solution: heading outdoors! Whether its for a bike ride or a simple stroll, your child will appreciate all the fresh air.

5. Try to understand what they’re really telling you

Just because your child is acting out over his online learning classes, it doesn’t mean they hate school. Use your spidey-parenting senses and read between the lines. Why are they really having a hard time? Is it because they think the classes are too easy? Too hard? Are they feeling distracted because they’re missing their friends? Find out what’s really upsetting them and talk to them about it.

6. Just hang out!

Studies show that kids bounce back easier because of supportive relationships and positive experiences and simple bonding moments will do this! And yes, it means screen-free, one-on-one time where you just focus on connecting and doing something fun together. Why not try arts and crafts or even a board game — anything you think your child will enjoy!

7. Talk to your child’s teacher

If you think your kid is struggling with online learning, you’ll need to talk to his or her teacher. Fill the teacher in with all the aspects that you think that your child is having trouble with so they can help. Imagine what an impact a little bit more one-on-one teacher time could do!

When it comes to these kiddos and online learning, we need to remember that these are unusual, extremely stressful times. Let’s cut each other some slack and try cultivate a more zen approach towards online learning. We’ve got this!

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