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5 Parenting Lessons From K-Dramas That Are All About Family

Never, never take anything for granted

While there’s no choice but to #stayathome these days, our fave way to while away the days is binge watching K-Dramas. What’s not to love? Beautiful men and women, designer everything, extra dramatic storylines (because we all love drama) and crazy cliff hangers, it’s easy to see why everyone’s riding the Hallyu wave. And because we’re parents AND K-Drama fans, it’s only natural that we’d take cue from our fave shows to take on our descendants (get it?)/kids.

Here are 5 parenting tips we’ve learned from K-Dramas

1. Brace yourself for the rebellious teenager stage

In Reply 1997, the parents of everyone’s fave anti-heroine Shi-won, were not only raising her, but also in charge of Yoon-jae and Tae-wong. They treated both boys as their own — which both boys were very appreciative of. Let’s also not forget the cute way they fuss over Shi-won and suffer through all her crazy hair choices, growth spurts and obsession over H.O.T. Check out the trailer here!

2. Don’t take anything for granted

Hi Bye Mama tells the story of Cha Yu Ri. She falls victim to a tragic accident while pregnant with her daughter, Cho Seo Woo. With her husband left to care for their daughter, Yu Ri decides to become a ghost so she can watch over her daughter and husband and gets 49 days as a human and a chance to be alive again if she gets back to her rightful place. This show teaches us the value of making the most of every day and living life so we don’t have any regrets. Catch it on Netflix.

3. Think about how you value success

Getting our kids into a prestigious university is a goal for many of us parents would like for out kids — but at what cost? Sky Castle examines the crazy lengths some parents will go to to get their kids into the best universities and makes us think, is it really worth all the trouble? Watch it on Netflix.

4. Appreciate what you have

Cha Soon Bong has dedicated his life to raising his three children, who are now grown-up. When it is revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer, this sparks a life change for each of his children, determined to live the life he intended for them. What Happens To My Family is a heartwarming drama that reminds us to appreciate what we have while we still have it. Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

5. Arguing is a part of marriage

One of the most endearing things about the K-Drama Father Is Strange is the relationship between the parents. Yes, the romantic relationships of their children were interesting to watch but the older couple’s resilient commitment definitely tugged at our heartstrings. Despite their differences and arguments, at the end of the day, they never failed to show how much they cared for one another. Talk about #goals

Whether you’re a K-Drama fan or not, these parenting lessons are sure to hit home. And while you’re at it, why not check one of these series out?

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