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Should We Be Excited About the Sex And The City Revival?

And yes, Kim Cattrall isn’t in it…

Yesterday, HBO Max confirmed the reboot of Sex And The City and women — most of who are now moms — everywhere went gaga. Back then, we all wanted the closet. The shoes. The cute boyfriends. Cool writing jobs that could buy us all that couture. But in 2021, the year after the pandemic and BLM happened — is SATC still relevant?

Are they really feminists?

When we first watched SATC in the late 90’s, we thought that we too, could have glamorous jobs and live in a glitzy city. We’d thrive because we had a strong group of girlfriends with distinct personalities. But looking back at the series as someone in her late 30’s, I’m thinking, this is an adult woman who prattles on for years and years about looking for a decent relationship. Even Miranda, the self-proclaimed group feminist went weak in the knees for her Baby Daddy. What gives? Let’s not even get started on Charlotte… For a show that is so decidedly about women, it reflects an unhealthy obsession with men. Is this something we want to teach our daughters?

OK, fine

For all its white privilege and less than feminist themes, Sex And The City is fun to watch. It’s a guilty pleasure that we can sort of relate to, and yes, we love the clothes. And of course, the shoes.

Whether you’re a fan or not, SATC’s revival, And Just Like That might just be the distraction we all need from this pandemic nonsense.

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