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Everyone Needs A Best Buddy, Especially During A Pandemic

Best Buddies Philippines is taking their friendship activities up a notch with its #BBPSaturdaySeries online

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone — parents, kids, teachers, pregnant moms… and now that Christmas is just around the corner, we’re definitely feeling it more. And the the folks at Best Buddies Philippines know it too, which is why they’ve taken their friendship activities online. For some people with developmental disabilities, Best Buddies Philippines is the only way they’re able to experience the joy of having a best friend, which is why continuing its friendship programs is so important for the organization. Here’s what else we found out…


In July of this year, Best Buddies Philippines started its #BBPSaturdaySeries. These activities, ranging from dance parties to art projects, are held every Saturday via Zoom and simultaneously broadcasted in the group’s Facebook page.   

The first was a basic yoga activity held in partnership with Evolve Yoga and Fitness. Another fun event was a t-shirt tie dye activity, where t-shirt company Green Blooded sponsored the shirts and Rainbow Art donated tie dye kits. The student organization UP Super hosted two activities for the buddies, Dancelympics, which was an all-out dance party combining sports movements; and a Dance and Halloween friendship celebration where buddies made mug cakes and participated in a Halloween costume contest. The most recent was an Afternoon Trivia game wherein participants gamely answered questions on pop culture. A total of 21 #BBPSaturdaySeries have been held as of 21 November — pretty cool stuff, we think!

Why we love Best Buddies Philippines

Everyone loves karaoke time at Best Buddies Philippines! Photography: Best Buddies Philippines via Facebook

In a time where people — even those without disabilities— need friendship and understanding the most, we love the fact that Best Buddies Philippines has found a way to keep their camaraderie going, despite social distancing. They’ve thrived by using social media and online platforms to continue their friendship activities, even even reaching record levels of participation and engagement. In a time of isolation and social distancing, the message of inclusion and friendship and the strengthening of bonds with other communities continues to move forward with Best Buddies Philippines — and we’re really, really happy about that.

Make a Friend. Be a Friend. Know more about Best Buddies by visiting https://www.bestbuddiesphilippines.com/

Follow them on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BestBuddiesPhilippines/ and Instagram account: bestbuddies_ph

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