A Vaccinated Family is a Happy Family This Christmas

If we want to celebrate Christmas as a whole family again, we need everybody to get vaccinated!

christmas family vaccinated

We’re worried that our kids can’t go out and spend Christmas with their other family members since they’re not vaccinated. In light of National Vaccine Day, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) is urging us to get our kids vaccinated. Vaccinating our kids gives them a better fighting chance against COVID-19 plus, not be potential carriers. It also helps them contribute to herd immunity for those who can’t take the vaccine right away.

Masaya ang Pasko ng Bakunadong Pamilyang Pilipino

Masaya ang Pasko ng Bakunadong Pamilyang Pilipino is a three-day event with a goal of vaccinating at least 15 million Filipinos. Divided by an average of 4 per family, that’s around 3.75 million families at the end of the drive! PMA President Dr. Benny Atienza shares that this drive won’t only put COVID-19 behind us but raise the standards of health. “We hope to have many children vaccinated. We’re encouraging parents, barangays, and LGUs to join us on National Vaccination Day. Public and private entities are working as one to disseminate benefits of vaccination.”

christmas family vaccinated

Phenomenon of Vaccine Hesitancy

It’s okay to be hesitant. We hear exaggerated stories and social media makes it easier to spread fake news. But it’s here that we have to do our research carefully and stay up-to-date on the results of the vaccine. It’s hard to understand journal articles but that’s what doctors are there for. They spent 8-10 years of their lives studying so they can heal and help people make educated decisions about their health. There are still skeptics out there which means we need to be more careful about the things we read.

“We can use our digital resources and network to fight harm against kids online and the proliferation of fake news,” says Miguel Bermundo, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Social Responsibility of Globe Telecom.

A Merry Christmas is a Vaccinated Christmas

christmas family vaccinated

The best gift our front liners can receive this Christmas is for us to get our families vaccinated. One vaccinated person per hour is a step closer to us abandoning COVID-19 behind us and reaching our goal of complete herd immunity. Our front liners are humans just like us. They’re struggling and some haven’t even seen their families in a long time. If you’re not sure who to believe about the vaccine, follow PMA’s Masaya ang Pasko ng Bakunadong Pamilyang Pilipino campaign. That way, you can make the best and educated decision about your child’s health.

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