How To Care For Your Kids if They Have COVID-19

Because we might have let our guard down, our kids might be paying the price. So, here’s what we can do if our kids get hit by COVID-19.

Omicron‘s proven to be more infectious and ready to trigger Lockdown Season X. Last year, the 200+ cases in NCR and double-digit cases in the other areas eased our worries. We thought our kids could finally go out again even if unvaccinated. But that was a fatal mistake on our end, and now, we’re facing our worst nightmares: our kids getting COVID-19. And if they did, here’s what you can do to arrest the problem to make sure our kids survive.

1. Look out for COVID-19 symptoms in our kids

Because Omicron can look similar to Influenza, it’s best to assume the worst. Look for symptoms such as coughs, fevers, runny noses, tummy aches, vomiting, and even rashes. While some can be caused by anxiety, it’s best to assume that our kids might have caught COVID-19. Since we can’t diagnose, we can alleviate the symptoms first by finding foods that can help make them more comfortable while we call in the professionals to give the official diagnosis.

2. Check for any changes in our kids’ behavior

Changes in their behavior can mean our kids’ bodies are struggling to fight off COVID-19. Being drowsy means they could have headaches, migraines, or running a temperature. Especially if they haven’t had their booster yet, they’re more prone to getting it. They’ll also show signs that they’re having a hard time breathing such as panting, gasping, and they’ll sound like there’s mucus blocking their airways.

3. Focus on alleviating COVID-19’s symptoms, not curing

While we really want to take the pain away from our kids, we have to face the reality that we can’t just cure it. But what we can do is alleviate the severity of their symptoms. If they’re in muscle pain and feel bad, cuddles always help. Saline drops help to loosen up the mucus in our kids’ noses. We know that we said before that keeping a structure is the best way to cope but that was before our kids got COVID-19. Our kids’ and our babies’ health takes priority over a timetable.

4. Give food they’d want to eat but with fever-alleviating properties

When our kids are sick and feel bad, it’s hard to get them to eat. We’re not talking about being picky but they’ve just lost their appetite. Usually, warm chicken soup with a lot of garlic ought to help especially if the garlic’s just juiced into the soup. Ice pops to help them cool down also work since our kids’ bodies’ temperatures are skyrocketing because of COVID-19.

5. Get medical help immediately!

We’re scared that hospitals might be COVID-19 hotspots but we don’t have the medical equipment at home. Tricia Centenera shared her 3-year-old daughter, Arrow’s, story about her trip to the hospital and how hard she had to fight against COVID-19. She shares, “It wasn’t easy watching my three-year-old wheeze heavily, not swallow her saliva, and have moments of confusion because of her high fever. But being in the hospital was the best place she could be.”

We have to really act urgently and not get too complacent. We always know best when something is not right with our kids. Thanks to Tricia’s strong maternal instincts, she was able to call an ambulance to transport little Arrow to the hospital where she got the care that she needed.

Photo Grabbed from Tricia Centenera’s Instagram
Photo Grabbed from Tricia Centenera’s Instagram
Photo Grabbed from Tricia Centenera’s Instagram

Every parents’ worst nightmare is seeing their kids with COVID-19

We’ve heard the horror stories of being intubated, hooked onto machines, and being exposed to other people with COVID-19. It’s no joke. We thought that us and our teens being vaccinated would be enough to generate herd immunity but clearly, Omicron’s not having it. Although we hate keeping our babies at home, we don’t have a choice. Until they’re fully vaccinated and COVID-19’s cure is readily available, it’s best to stay home.

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