8 Kid IG Influencers We Love To Follow

Kids are just too cute to pass up when we scroll through our Instagram! Here are some kid IG influencers to check out!

Babies are cute — nothing to deny about that. But there are just some babies that can really melt the hearts of people with just one doe-eyed look or a big toothless grin. And what better place to scroll for some pictures and ideas for our babies than on IG? So, we compiled a list of cute kids IG influencers that are just too adorable to pass upon.

1. Dahlia Amelie (@dahliaamelieee)

Anne and Erwan’s baby girl, Dahlia Amelie, really melted our hearts, especially with her cute Halloween costume. Although her IG is currently a fan page, it still has a lot of cute content that we can gush over.

2. Zion Gutierrez (@officialziongutz)

Zion as an IG Influencer shows all the outdoor activities he does with his younger brother, Kai. It’s clear from his IG that he and Kai have a loving relationship when they do almost everything together. They even have a water bed that they both can jump on.

3. Zia Dantes (@ziadantes_official)

Zia won the Internet with her dynamic photos and her sweet relationship with her family. Lately, she’s been posting pictures of her and Ziggy making the most of the pandemic despite being kept inside along with their pet Golden Retriever, Migo.

4. Koa Eigenmann-Alipayo (@koaislandboy)

Looking for proof that a baby would appreciate the island life? Check out Koa Eigenmann-Alipayo as he shows what it’s like to enjoy the island life in Siargao. With his sisters, Lilo and Ellie, and his parents, Andi and Philmar, we’re sure he’s having a good time there.

5. Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo)

Scarlet’s always got a thing or two happening in her life and showcases what other little girls like her can do during the pandemic. As a kid IG influencer, she loves showcasing how her parents join her in wearing costumes.

6. Bella Foodie (@heybellafoodie)

Instead of lifestyle, Bella’s got more to say about the food she gets to eat. “Dip, dip!” This sassy toddler definitely knows how to throw shade in the cutest way possible.

7. Grey Meeker (@greyandmama)

Grey and his mom, Linda, are definitely a cute pair to watch as they engage in different events. Hearing him say, “Thank you, Mama!” will always melt our hearts.

8. Kobe (@kobe_yn)

Known as Kobe Eats on IG, this kid influencer shares a variety of his cooking exploits with the help of his mom, Ashley. He also has some shots with his younger brother who’s another IG influencer under the name Kodiwian.

Aren’t these kids on IG just adorable?

Looking at dog and cat videos may be heartwarming and all but so is looking at little kids who are having the time of their lives despite the pandemic. These kids made the most of their time while being on lockdown, making things work and enjoying the little things in life. Don’t forget to follow these cute influencers on Instagram to get your daily dose of fluff and cuteness.

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