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5 IG Food Shops Run by Mother-Daughter Duos

The pandemic has led to a rise in Instagram food shops that sell delicious food and sweet treats. Mother-Daughter duos run many of these!

One of the things that we saw grow during the pandemic are shops on Instagram and Facebook that sell nearly every kind of food you can imagine. From ulam of different international cuisines to sweet desserts and alcoholic drinks, you can surely find an Instagram store selling food and beverage you’re craving for. 

The people behind these small businesses come from different backgrounds and chose to open their shops for different reasons. Some lost their sources of income. Some wanted to finally pursue a passion. And then there are those who simply wanted something to do during the lockdown. 

Some of these online businesses are run by one-person teams. Some are run by couples or siblings. Meanwhile, some are run by a parent and a daughter or a son. In this article, we put the spotlight on Instagram food shops of mother-daughter duos!

1. Homemade by M.K.C.

The first on our list is Homemade by M.K.C. It’s actually more accurate to say that Homemade by M.K.C. is run by a mother-and-daughter trio than a duo. Mom Margie and her daughters, Clarice and Kristal, started their online business during the lockdown while juggling full-time jobs and studies. 

Homemade by M.K.C. is all about one of the most loved Filipino confections ever, the pastillas. The Classic Pastillas remains to be the best seller. But this Instagram shop also offers what is known as Pastimallows. 

The Pastimallows come in both regular and premium flavors. Regular flavors include Plain, Melon, Graham, and Ube, while the premium flavors include Matcha, Mango-Chocolate, and Strawberry. 

You can message Homemade by M.K.C. on Instagram to order. 

2. Maria Makes

Up next is Maria Makes. The mother-and-daughter duo of Samantha and Cecile Tan are the brains behind Maria Makes. Samantha and Cecile decided to put up their Instagram shop to sell a Christmas favorite of their family, the Brazo de Mercedes. 

Maria Makes’ take on the classic sweet treat is actually a frozen version of the Brazo de Mercedes that they offer in different flavors. The regular flavors of their Frozen Brazo de Mercedes include Vanilla, Avocado, Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Ube, and Caramel Macchiato. 

You can (and should) keep a look out for limited edition flavors that Maria Makes offers. You can even opt for insulated packaging and extra ice packs as add-ons to make sure your Brazo de Mercedes is delivered in perfect condition. 

Place your order by messaging Maria Makes on Instagram

3. StrEat Confections

Ever wondered where you can order those picture-perfect minimalist cakes and fondant cakes that you see all over your Instagram feed? You don’t have to look any further than StrEat Confections. 

StrEat Confections is run by the mother-and-daughter tandem, Sherrie and Kaela, who actually started out their Instagram shop with just one pan and one turbo broiler for baking. As their business grew and grew, Sherrie and Kaela were able to buy a bigger oven one and a half months after first starting their business. 

If you’re not into minimalist or fondant cakes, that’s totally okay because StrEat Confections also offers cupcakes as well as “Baby Cakes” or their small bento cakes. 

You can order from StrEat Confections by contacting their Instagram page. 

4. Whipped Confections

Prior to the pandemic, Claudine Hidalgo and her mom, Mae, worked as freelance event organizers. With events getting cancelled left and right, both mom and daughter started Whipped Confections to keep up with their household expenses.

Ever since Claudine and Mae started their business, Whipped Confections has been one of the go-to Instagram shops for fruit mochis. Whipped Confections offers mango mochis, strawberry mochis, banana mochis, and avocado mochis. 

If you’re wondering what the crowd favorites are, they include the Mango Cream Classic, Mango Cream Cheese, Banoffee, Banoreo Cream, and Strawberry Surprise. 

To order, you can message Whipped Confections via Instagram

5. White Pantry

Looking for savory food options that are perfect to eat anytime of the day? If that’s what you’re up for, be sure to check out White Pantry. 

Run by the mother-and-daughter team of Heather and Blanca Escudero, White Pantry offers both fresh and frozen items on its menu. Their freshly cooked Mexican Chalupas is perfect for anyone who wants a new Mexican dish to try. You can opt to order a box of two or a party platter. 

Frozen items that White Pantry offers include their Homemade Pot Pies, which come in either Beef and Mushroom or Caramel Apple, and their Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, which comes with some marinara sauce. 

You can get in touch with White Pantry by messaging them on Instagram

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