An Expert Shares 5 Ways To Strengthen One’s Resilience During the Pandemic

Staying strong in a time of crisis and division is never easy. Here’s how to cope…

The cases of COVID-19 are continuously on the rise worldwide. New Zealand, which had no cases for quite some time, was placed in a lockdown. Last month, the National Capital Region (NCR) was put in Enhanced Community Quarantine and had the highest record of Covid cases. Throw in new variants in the mix, and it’s enough to cause anxiety in anyone.

Based on the information that we hear and read locally and internationally, it seems like it will take some time before we return to the normal way of life. One way to deal with this pandemic is to strengthen our resiliency.  Resilience is defined as how well one can deal with the challenges in life and bounce back from it. 

Dr. Melissa Paulita V. Mariano, a psychiatrist affiliated with University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc., shares with us five ways on how we can further develop resilience:

1. Accept the Changes

This pandemic has taught us to be adaptable starting from working from home, buying groceries online and even having reunions and gatherings through Zoom. There are people who were able to use the idle time to rediscover their talents and turn it into a profitable business such as selling homemade baked goods.

2. Stay Positive

When one has lost a job or even a loved one, it is difficult to stay optimistic. However, it is important to remain hopeful about what life has in store for us in the future. Focusing on being positive does not mean one should disregard problems but rather accept the setbacks and know that you have the capabilities to overcome these challenges. This kind of attitude will allow you to focus on the good things in life instead of worrying about those that cannot be controlled.  

3. Care for Yourself

It is easy to neglect one’s needs, especially among those who are taking care of others.  However, focusing on yourself will help develop your overall health and will strengthen your resilience. As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Some ways to care for yourself are to prioritize your sleep, eat healthy food and remain active through physical exercises. You may also want to download apps that promotes self-care such as CALM.

4. Form a Support System

Part of caring for yourself is having supportive people who will be there for you during challenging circumstances.  At times, just talking about your problem with a friend or a family member is already helpful.

5. Reach out for Help

When you experience intense worry or sadness that prevents you from performing daily activities, consider reaching out to a professional to get support. Mental health professionals include life coaches, psychologists and psychiatrists, all of whom are trained to identify conditions for which you may need further help.

This is undoubtedly a difficult time for everyone. Prioritize relationships, closeness and responsiveness. We could all use a little more gentleness and kindness, why not start at home. You’ve got this!

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