Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia: Love at First Sight

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia give us a glimpse into their first year as parents and how they fell in love with the arrival of Amari.

Since their wedding in 2018, the flame has only continued to burn even brighter for Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. Their relationship has bloomed under the watchful eye of the public as fans relished every giddy detail they could get their hands on. Much to everyone’s delight, the television couple became first-time parents to son Amari in September of last year. Billy, now an adoring dad and husband, recounts, “I was nervous, and I was excited, and I was nervous again.”

A Transformative Experience

He describes the transformative experience of becoming a parent for the first time. “It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. And I couldn’t be prouder of my wife,” says the Lunch Out Loud co-host. “Witnessing Coleen deliver our child has not only taught me to love the beauty of a mother even more. But to also respect the process.”

Just as their bundle of joy arrived, the reality of pandemic parenting sank in. Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia then decided to make the most out of their time in quarantine. Coleen shares, “We continue to find ways for Amari to learn, have fun, and keep himself occupied. Every day is exciting for us.” Billy relates, “My wife has been on top of everything. She has completely rearranged the entire house and made it Amari’s.”

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia on Dealing with Uncertainties

Like most parents, the pair had to deal with uncertainty, letting go of expectations once possible in a pre-pandemic era. “I always imagined spending a lot of this time with friends and family—going out and maybe even traveling. I just feel like Amari’s missing out on the world right now. And I’m missing out on the community. I’d love to be able to spend time with other moms and their babies, or take walks in a public park,” confesses the award-winning host.

Billy, meanwhile, considers the past year as both a blessing and a curse. While anxiety-inducing fear has been very real, the time off from work has been a refreshing contrast to their busy schedule. “Seeing every little step of growth and development with Amari reminds us that we are guided and protected by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” he affirms. Colleen adds, “This is what truly matters to me now. This is my top priority.”

Amari Means Strength

The name Amari means strength. True to his name, the bouncing baby boy has fortified bonds between Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia. “Becoming parents has made our relationship stronger. We are more patient and understanding with each other, and with how we deal with our problems,” Billy states. The same sentiments are shared by Coleen who declares, “We don’t neglect each other’s needs. We still give each other importance. I believe our marriage is the foundation of our home. So we need to take care of each other. We are always together. But we also give each other healthy space and are less dependent on each other now,” says the loving wife.

While navigating parenthood, they’ve picked up lessons along the way and continue to learn new things about each other. “I didn’t expect to grow so much so quickly. Being Amari’s parents has given us a new perspective. Billy has really stepped up as a husband and father. And I’m so proud of how he’s grown and where his heart is at,” says Coleen.

Billy Crawford on Fatherhood

As Billy reflects on fatherhood, he offers advice: “Learn to love unconditionally and forgive quickly. Have loads of patience with your partner. Extend patience for learning, because every parent is different. Every child is different. It’s good to remember that you are molding your child.”

Ever mindful of how their behavior will ultimately influence her child’s overall outlook in life, Coleen opines, “He will most likely treat people the way we treat each other. It’s still scary out there. So it’s even more important to amplify the good things. We count our blessings and are so very grateful,” declares Coleen. Amari just recently celebrated his first birthday.

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