Marvin Agustin Opens Up About Cooking Up a Legacy

From fast food chain mascot to actor and now, proprietor of a growing food empire, Marvin Agustin inspires his twins with an inspired story of starting from scratch.

Marvin Agustin has seamlessly transitioned from matinee idol in the 90s to successful restaurateur and father of two. The public watched him evolve from heartthrob teen into adulthood. Today, he is regarded as one of the most inspiring stories of the local food industries. His diverse collection of culinary concepts appeal to wide range of palates and cravings. 

Marvin: Cooking From Scratch

Marvin’s colorful journey is an evolving lesson he dedicates to his two teenage sons. He tells a story of starting from scratch. Sheer determination and dreams were his initial capital, doubling over time through dedication and perseverance. “My life started becoming serious when I was 16. I was auditioning to be an actor, and I was also a mascot at a fast-food chain,” he recalls. “I think (my humble beginnings explain) why I treat my sons like adults, I want them to learn from everything that I’ve been through. I’d tell them stories about how I couldn’t afford to get to school or lunch. Sometimes, I didn’t even know how I would get home because I didn’t have money for transportation,”

Importance of Hard Work

Life is admittedly more comfortable now. The success of brands like By Secret Kitchen, Brrring!, Mr. Vinmunchies, Wolfgang Steakhouse, Taikoo HK Roast, Tito Marvs, Oh Crop!, and Cochi by Marv dominate and define the culinary landscape of the metro. And that in itself is reason for endless gratitude. “I wanted the boys to be grateful for what they have. Marvin intimates. “I want them to see that hard work pays off and that it helps you achieve your dreams.”

Around Marvin’s dinner table, flavors are accompanied by a father’s love for his children. Beyond success and comfort, a lifetime’s work is built with legacy as the end goal. Marvin hopes that through food and his unique journey, is able to nourish his children’s future. He quips, “They love what I cook. Even if it’s food that they say isn’t their favorite.” 

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