10 Local Brands in the Philippines to Support: Food Edition

Our country is home to so many amazing local food brands. Here are 10 that offer some of the yummiest delicacies!

If there’s one thing that Filipinos love to do, it’s eating. In fact, at the heart of every family gathering is a spread of dishes everyone can feast on. So, the next time you prepare a special meal or put together an intimate celebration, you might want to check out these local brands in the Philippines! Each one is unique in its own way and boasts an array of beloved cuisines, desserts, and beverages.

Delicious Local Brands in the Philippines to Order From:

1. Soil Private Dining

Photo Credit: Soil Private Dining’s Facebook Page

Those who have no time to cook or arrange a beautiful setup will love Soil Private Dining. They make fine food accessible in the comfort and safety of your home through creatively crafted dishes using fresh, seasonal produce. Each dish brings out a creative understanding of flavor and harmony using modern cooking techniques. And it’s super convenient, too! Their team brings the entire fine dining experience to your home—from cooking to styling your table.

To book, visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/soilprivatedining. Or follow them on Instagram @soilprivatedining.

2. Mama Jessie’s Kesong Puti

Photo Credit: Mama Jessie’s Kesong Puti Facebook Page

Like most heirloom recipes, Mama Jessie learned how to make this local delicacy from her grandmother. Mama Jessie then passed down the recipe to her daughter, Marivic, who initially made the cheese for just family and friends. Today, apart from growing a number of loyal customers, they supply to well-known deli stores and esteemed restaurants. On top of that, they sell their cheese at the Salcedo Weekend Market every Saturday!

To order, visit their website at kesongputi.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram @mamajessieskesongputi.

3. Black Coffee PH

Photo Credit: Black Coffee PH’s Facebook Page

If there’s one thing that makes Philippine coffee beans stand out, it’s the kick you get out of it. Regardless of source, roast, and flavor, you’re sure to get a boost of energy and good vibes. Black Coffee PH has been supporting local coffee farms since 2018 and is home to a number of blends. Choose from their Single Origin Series like Ifugao, Batangas, Quezon, Kalinga, and Bukidnon. Or you can opt to order their All-Time Favorites: Apo, Compostela, and Bataan. Enjoy each cup black or with a bit of sugar and milk!

Follow them on Instagram @blackcoffeeph to know more.

4. KO Pattisier

Known for his Mirror Glaze Cakes, French Macarons, and Handcrafted Bonbons, Kevin Ong undoubtedly makes the most picture-perfect desserts! His box of Handcrafted Bonbons, in particular, can be a gift to moms with a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, he can whip up Milestone Letter or Number Cakes if your little one is celebrating a monthsary.

To order, follow him on Instagram @kopattissier and click the order form in the bio.

5. Hannah B’s Beef

Home of the most mouth-watering Angus beef belly, you can place an order together with their salads and trays of pasta for a complete family meal. The kids will absolutely love their creamy truffle penne. Additionally, they have keto-friendly and vegan party trays available!

To order, visit their Instagram @hannahbsbeef.

6. Something Different Bakeshop

Photo Credit: Something Different Bakeshop’s Facebook Page

Since 1980, Something Different Bakeshop has definitely been making nostalgic pastries and specialty bread. Eating their products brings back memories of getting home from school, still in uniform, and enjoying their baked chicken empanadas for merienda together with a glass of orange juice. Catch them every weekend at the Salcedo and Legazpi Weekend Markets! You can visit their website as well at somethingdifferentbakeshop.com to see a selection of available products. Moreover, some of their products can be ordered via GrabFood.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @somethingdifferentbakeshop.

7. La Tia Manilenya

Photo Credit: La Tia Manilenya’s Facebook Page

Raise your glass if you love a good bottle of sangria! La Tia Manilenya is an authorized reseller of La Tita and Lolea sangrias. In addition, they offer cold cuts and cheese to create your very own grazing table. Thinking of what to give your fellow amigas this Christmas? La Tia Manilenya makes it convenient by making holiday packaging available! Your friends will love a bottle or two without a doubt.

Follow them @latia.manilenya.

8. Nutrifinds

Nutrifinds is a small business that provides healthy food options such as quinoa, chia seeds, rolled oats, organic coconut flour, and more. You can get creative with your kids in coming up with healthy meals and snacks like overnight oats, sweet stuffed walnuts, and brazil nut loaf. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have fresh ingredients in your cupboard all the time. Find them on their official Shopee store at shopee.ph/nutrifinds or follow them @nutrifinds.

9. Booya’s Bagels

booya bagels
Photo Credit: Booya Bagels’ Facebook page

Craving for authentic New York bagels? Enter Booya’s Bagels, which undoubtedly has been gaining a following on Instagram. Their menu consists of a variety of bagels. They even have a lox set for those who love a good salmon cream cheese bagel! Just slide into their DMs to order @booyabagels.

10. Luning’s Probiotics

With a motto of, “Happy Gut, Happy Life,” Luning’s Probiotics is another local brand in the Philippines that promotes health and wellness. They make homemade kefir and kombucha on top of other organic products.

Check out their Instagram @lunings_probiotics!

With these delicious local brands in the Philippines, we hope you find something that you and your family will love. Find more stories you might like on Modern Parenting:

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