5 Reasons Why Dingdong Dantes Would Make An Awesome Ninong

Here are reasons why Dingdong Dantes would make an awesome ninong to Baby Nacino.

Being a godfather or a ninong isn’t always just about the presents to give their godchildren. It’s also about being a second parent, especially to parents who are new to the game. Following the announcement of Rocco Nacino and Melissa Gohing’s pregnancy, Dingdong Dantes posted on his Instagram that he’s “looking forward” to being Baby Nacino’s ninong. And we believe he’s going to be an awesome one! Here are our reasons why:

1. He’s got a lot of stories to tell.

As the King of Primetime, Dingdong Dantes has worn many hats for his roles. One of probably the most beloved and exciting roles he had was playing Prince Ybrahim from Encantadia. We’re sure that Baby Nacino would love to hear his tales of valor as he journeyed around to save the kingdom of Sapiro. Who doesn’t want an uncle who tells them an epic tale of magic and valor?

2. A prime example of how a man should not be afraid to show he loves his lady

He never fails to let the world know that Marian Rivera’s his queen. He doesn’t let that toxic masculinity stop him from showing just how much head over heels he is for her.

3. Sixto would make a wonderful “brother from another mother” to Baby Nacino.

The way Dingdong parents reflects on his son, Sixto. We’re sure that Sixto and Baby Nacino will become the best of friends at some point. Sixto has his Lapu-Lapu costume, maybe Baby Nacino can do a baby Lam-Ang?

4. He’s pretty adventurous in his pursuits.

Motorbikes, rugged trucks with off-road wheels — those are wheels and rides geared up for an outdoor adventure. Maybe when it’s a little safer to go out for Zia, Sixto, and baby Nacino, it’ll be a good time for a road trip.

5. Dingdong Dantes definitely has wit.

Being the host of Family Feud PH and many other shows has sharpened Dingdong’s skills in being eloquent, classy, and witty about his responses. Communication is key in getting things done and getting around.

A Second Dad To Baby Nacino

Godfathers take both the serious and cool parent role, being able to parent from a third person’s point of view. A lot of times, they’re the ones the kids call when they can’t understand their own parents. And for Baby Nacino, we’re sure Dingdong Dantes will be an awesome ninong to him as he grows.

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