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Rocco Nacino: An Excited Dad-to-Be

GMA 7 actor Rocco Nacino talks to Modern Parenting about how he and his wife Melissa Gohing are prepping to become first-time parents.

Rocco Nacino has played various roles since he started his career in showbiz. But this year, he’ll be playing the biggest role of his life—a father. His wife, volleyball player Melissa Gohing, is in the second trimester of her pregnancy and is expected to give birth to their first child soon.

Modern Parenting got to talk with Rocco during the Moms Day Out event last May where he shared his excitement as a dad-to-be, his parents’ involvement, and Melissa’s cravings.

Rocco Nacino on finding out about the pregnancy

Rocco said that it was during a lock-in taping when he found out that Melissa was pregnant. “It was kind of hard for Mel because the first thing I thought about was ang daming stairs sa bahay and I had to transfer her to another room—our guest room—para safe,” he starts.

“But we were overwhelmed with emotions lalo na for me kasi magkahiwalay kami and nasa taping ako. So to know that I was going to be a dad, the emotions came running through. As in nag-iyakan at sayawan. I was grateful.”

The couple kept the pregnancy to themselves and their families before making the formal announcement to the public. Since it was the first grandchild of the Nacino side, it wasn’t surprising that Rocco’s parents were excited as well.

“They are actually going through some renovation at home,” Rocco shared. “And napansin ko yung lanai area nila, parang balak gawin na mini-playground for their apo so it’s super cute. I heard them talking about artificial grass and a small playground for baby Nacino to run around. So it’s cute to know that part of the renovation includes the welfare and happiness of their grandchild.”

Rocco Nacino on attending to his wife’s needs

When it comes to Melissa’s cravings, Rocco said that food wise, she’s okay. But she’s definitely been clingy to him—always wanting him to be by her side.

“I think with food, it’s just minimal. Because yung pinak-craving niya was surprisingly me,” he chuckled. “Gusto niya na kasama ako palagi. She wants to wake up seeing me. She craves the sight of me. I think that came also from me coming from lock-in taping.”

Rocco adds that he has since cut back on his daily routine to make sure that he attends to her needs. Aside from seafood which Melissa loves, she also eats sweet food.

As for his busy schedule, Rocco will definitely make the most out of it before his baby arrives.

I am going to make the most out it but definitely going to be adjusting the schedule. We are still in the learning stage. We’re doing a lot of research.”

Celebrating Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Rocco admits he hasn’t given much thought about it. “Usually dad ko ang iniisip ko and like friends and other stuff. But then knowing that soon I am joining the club, I wonder what’s going to be in store for me–from the greetings and feeling extra special on Father’s Day.”

In addition, Rocco happily shared that he and a group of friends in showbiz are still in touch as some of them slowly transitioned to life as married couples and parents. Unlike the old times when they talked about tapings and parties, it’s now about congratulatory messages, parenting, and married life.

“It’s a lot of congratulatory messages. The newest mommy in our group is Winwyn Marquez,” he said. “It’s just pouring heartfelt messages for her, the baby, updatan na ng mga anak. So we’re slowly transitioning to the dad and mom squad which we truly welcome, walang problems.”

“It’s just paving a way to be a better friendship for all of us kasi natutuwa kami na hanggang ngayon matibay pa rin ang friendship.”

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