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5 Ways To Celebrate Father’s Month at Home

Thank you for keeping our homes fun, dad! So, we came up with a couple of ideas for you to celebrate Father’s Month — COVID-free!

While mom’s keeping the house in order, we have dad to make sure everyone’s still having a good time. He’s our unofficial maintenance man, stand-up comedian, support disciplinarian, etc. Besides, dads nowadays have taken on a bigger role in handling the house and utilities, especially when moms need some time off. So, we came up with some ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Month at home.

1. Ordering in some party trays

Dad loves to eat and he can eat a lot especially when he has a heavy schedule. So, party trays are a good idea for Father’s Month at home. As for the content, it’ll have to be something dad likes to eat. Some dads like their steaks and some dads like a large salmon that’s just fresh off the grill. We’re thinking that since dad’s been also driving all day, ordering in should give him time to rest and lessen the stress of him dealing with the summer traffic.

2. Make him good coffee

We’re not talking 3-in-1 here; we’re talking the premium stuff. Coffee is almost the lifeblood of any dad who has a heavy schedule of being the arms and legs of the family which means he needs that extra boost from caffeine to get things done. Instead of just mixing him up a 3-in-1 coffee (which actually has a ton of sugar and is bad for diabetic dads), let’s switch it up a little by maybe brewing a Café Americano for him.

3. Watch his favorite sports with him and let him fanboy

Dads often celebrated their Father’s Month with their father by watching sports games with their dads so, why let the tradition die now? We thought of celebrating Father’s Month at home with maybe a tray of Chicken Wings or Chicharon (if you want to go local) to really make the experience authentic. Although he can’t go to Araneta Stadium or any of the places the tournaments are at the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the experience back at home with a large TV and some extra goodies.

4. Up the celebration with some fancy meals

If you’re not in the mood to cook but want something nice for dad then, hotels have a variety of meals that you can get for dad. Shangri-La The Fort has several packages that involve steaks and burgers which we’re sure dad would appreciate the extra protein. Or, if your dad wants to “cheat” his diet a little, there are some cakes in the Manila Bakery that may have his name on it. You can check also that Sofitel and Marriott will have a few good meals too.

5. Wash the car with him

Dads just love their cars and we think, not only is it good exercise but it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with dad on Father’s Month. Even though the pandemic doesn’t let the car go out often, that doesn’t mean the car doesn’t need dusting and cleaning. Washing, waxing, and polishing the car may look simple but we’re sure that dad would appreciate the extra pair of hands and help especially on Father’s Month.

Don’t take dad for granted!

The reason why the house and car are in one piece is because dad’s there to take care of it. He always makes sure you have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and a car to bring us wherever we want to go (even if it’s a 16 hour trip up to Ilocos). Although we feel bad that we can’t bring dad out for anything special on Father’s Day, we can still show our appreciation through small celebrations at home.

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