6 Products from Mindanao Everyone Should Try and Buy

There is still a lot to be discovered in Mindanao and these products are a proof it

The island of Mindanao have so much to offer in terms of food, culture, and products. However, this has often been set aside or ignored because of the negative coverage it has received through the years due to conflicts in the region. But looking closely, the people are warm, happy, and most of all welcoming to everyone.

Thanks to the power of social media, many of their products, particularly those from Southern Mindanao are getting noticed. Those fortunate to travel to the island also get a chance to taste their cuisine, and there’s a lot to learn from them. If you want to check them out, here are some products from Mindanao that are available online.

Maharlika Taste

Maharlika Taste is known for its Beef Randang in a bottle. This Mindanao product is made from halal ingredients so those who are conscious about the food they eat have nothing to worry about. What’s special about the social enterprise is that the people making them are Muslim widowers determined to provide for their families and empower other women.

Aside from the Beef Randang, Maharlika Taste also had their own version of sambal you can put combine with the Randang.

To order, check them out on Shopee.

Palapa sa Lumba

Palapa is a spicy condiment commonly found in every meal of the Maranaos. Palapa Sa Lumba has been selling the palapa online with proceeds supporting the scholars and mothers from underprivileged communities in Lanao del Sur.

To order or know more information, check out their Instagram or Facebook.

Mindanao Product - Palapa sa Lumba


Mangan is a social enterprise that has been helping the women and children in Tawi-Tawi. Its product, the seaweed chips has been gaining a lot of attention on social media. The sisters behind the project – Alyssa Sahali Tan and Dayang Sahali told the Inquirer in 2020 that they wanted to create an enterprise that will help farmers in their community, thus, the idea to start a seaweed chip business which is harvested locally and organically in Tawi-Tawi.

Their seaweed chips are recommended with another product of theirs, the spicy vinegar. To order, check out their Instagram account.

Mindanao Food Product

Aretes Style

According to the description on its social media pages, products from Aretes are made of Langkit, a traditional Maranao weave from Marawi City. In Arete’s case, the makers are handcrafted by out-of-school youth students.

Some of these Mindanao products made include earrings, bags, scarves, and face masks. If you want to order, check out the Instagram or Facebook page.

Sawn Bay

Tuck in a part of Manila is Sawn Bay, a small restaurant that is described as “a local restaurant that serves authentic Tausug cuisine & more.” Some of the dishes served include Satti, a breakfast meal that uses grilled chicken, chicken liver, or beef wrapped with rice in a woven pouch, beef kulma, and Tyula Itum (Black Soup).

Sawn Bay also offers Arabic and Malaysian cuisine. You dine in, have a take out or deliver the food to you. For details, just check out their Facebook or Instagram for their menu.

Learn different cultures through the products

For years we have been told to support and buy local. The same thing goes for the cuisines and products from our brothers and sisters in Mindanao. You don’t only support them but also learn their culture beyond books and videos. It’s high time we all set aside our presumptions and help one another.

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