8 Billionth Symbolic Baby is Born in the Philippines

Vinice Mabansag, daughter of Margarita Mabansag, becomes the world’s 8 billionth symbolic baby. She was born at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital on November 15.

The world population is now at 8 billion after a baby girl was born in the early morning of November 15 at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. On its Facebook page, the Commission on Population and Development recognized the birth of Vinice Mabansag as the 8 billionth symbolic baby from the Philippines.

Vinice and her mom Margarita are doing well. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Margarita said that she is happy to know that her daughter has become the 8 billionth symbolic baby in the world. Morever, she only wants her daughter to be healthy. Vinice is her 4th child.

POPCOM hopes for better projects for infants

With the arrival of Vinice, the National Nutrition Council hopes that the government will continue to push for projects for the health and safety of infants, particularly during the infant’s 1,000 days.

POPCOM, on the other hand, hopes that Vinice’s arrival will push local government units to prioritize the family’s needs.

“We are not looking at it na parang another mouth to feed. But we are hoping and praying that this symbolic baby will be a symbol of development in the future,” Lyneth Monsalve, chief administrative officer of POPCOM said.

POPCOM announced that as of the middle of 2022, the Philippines’ population is at 110.5 million.

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