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8 TV Shows Husbands and Wives Can Binge-Watch

Here are some TV shows husbands and wives can binge-watch together.

Husbands and wives rarely have the same preferences for TV shows. Husbands are often not into rom-com and slice-of-life shows. Meanwhile, not all wives are into action and political intrigue. But there are TV shows that balance out both elements—making them a pretty good binge. Here are some TV shows both husbands and wives can binge-watch together.

Pawn Stars

It’s interesting to binge-watch a bunch of people going into a pawn shop to sell what can be a fake or legitimate piece of history. Based on Las Vegas’ World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Pawn Stars has a balance of drama, humor, and cool tidbits to get from the show. This show can even inspire some of us to appraise some of our stuff.

Master Chef

For foodie couples, the Master Chef series is a good TV show to binge-watch. There are techniques to discover, recipes to explore, and even things to learn. The action in the kitchen can get pretty exciting especially when the plating starts to come together. It’s like watching a live-action cookbook which for some, teaches better than reading said book.

Family Feud

With Steve Harvey as the host, it’s a hilarious thing to binge-watch. Sometimes, out of speed and trying to get the answers, you’ll hear the most atrocious but hilarious things coming out of these families’ mouths! It’s a fun series to binge-watch if you’re looking for a good laugh or just wondering how people come up with that idea.

Stranger Things

If Sci-Fi and Horror are among your preferences, Stranger Things can get pretty addicting. This TV show takes place in a little rural town where certain lab experiments start to go bad. The episodes cover a variety of odd events including creatures from another realm known as the Upside Down, a psychokinetic girl, and many other stranger things.

Peaky Blinders

Crime drama is always a good genre thanks to the thrill and intricacies of the chase. Peaky Blinders is a TV show based on a crime gang that operated after World War I. What makes the show so binge-watch-worthy is the complexities of crime and how things were after World War I. For history junkies but want a little thrill or just a fan of the Italian Job, this is your best bet. It’s currently available on Netflix.

Criminal Minds

Maybe not for parents but for those who just want to figure out people, Criminal Minds is a good TV show to binge-watch. Detectives here break down people and their personalities, figuring out motives as to why they do certain things. The minor con about the series is that sometimes, it can trigger a few things and can have a few cliff-hangers so, you won’t realize it but you’ll be binge-watching straight away.

The Business Proposal

Some wives want to introduce their husbands to K-Dramas. Currently at 13 episodes, The Business Proposal has a good balance of romance but at the same time, comedy and lots of misadventures that can keep the spark of a wholesome romance going. Most K-Dramas that focus on being wholesome and romantic are very easy to binge-watch. It’s more difficult to actually know how much time was spent.


The completed Netflix series of Lucifer with Tom Ellis and Lauren German has a lot of humor that both husband and wife will enjoy. Tom and Lauren have wonderful chemistry. Along with the eccentricity of their characters, it makes for a fun crime-thriller TV show to binge-watch. It has a few religious elements and action scenes but there’s a lot of romance and drama in it as well!

When bored, these TV shows are perfect to start binge-watching.

At times, we want to take our minds away from all the bad things happening. With these TV shows to binge-watch, it helps for a little while. But sometimes, they get so addicting that you’ll forget what time it is. Before starting an episode, make sure everything in the house is done. These TV shows can be quite captivating.

Here are more TV shows to check out!

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