A Famous Kids’ Game Soon Coming To Netflix

Netflix is now producing a new series based on a famous kids’ game: Exploding Kittens!

Many of your kids and teens may have been talking about a card game known as Exploding Kittens. It’s a card game that encourages kids to strategize on how to make the other players “explode”. The last standing player is the winner. And if they don’t have anyone to play it with, your kids can now enjoy watching The Oatmeal‘s Exploding Kittens on Netflix!

Do the kittens explode?!

Unfortunately, in this young adult series, they do. Netflix turns Exploding Kittens into a comedy about Heaven and Hell and its many intricacies. When Heaven and Hell fight themselves to a stalemate, they realize that they can’t just duke it out the traditional way. They decide to do it in the furriest way possible: as fat, plump, household cats!

Starring in the hilarious Exploding Kittens series includes Tom Ellis from the series Lucifer who won’t be playing the namesake. Instead, he’d be playing God Cat! Lucy Liu from Charlie’s Angels will be playing the mom of two who will be played by The Boys’ Abraham Lin and Cloak & Dagger’s Ally Maki. And for Tom Ellis’ counterpart, we currently have Sasheer Zamata who is the voice of Devil Cat.

Your young adults and kids will probably love this series

With a star-studded voice-acting cast and their favorite game now a TV series, it’s definitely something not to miss. Although the series appears violent, we’re pretty sure there are going to be a little more witty and hilarious exchanges that we can’t imagine God and Devil doing. Cat-loving mom and kids, Exploding Kittens is a series that will have you exploding with laughter.

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