2 New Features Make Netflix More For Kids Now!

Netflix has been our homebuddy for this whole pandemic. To make it easier for us to find movies for our kids, they added a Recap and a Kid’s Top 10 Row for us to check out!

When we’re streaming movies, cartoons, or films for our kids, we usually use either Disney+ or Netflix. But since Netflix can hold up to 5 users per account, it can get pretty confusing especially if you have older kids in the house. Your teens and young adults might be watching shows like Brooklyn 99, Lucifer, The Good Doctor — all of which are a little too deep for your younger kids to understand. But that’s why Netflix now has the Recap Feature and Kid’s Top 10 Rows.

Recap Feature: Picking Up Where We Left Off

Especially when we’re having dinner, we usually talk about what we saw on Netflix and that can be really hard if they have a lot of series like the Wish Dragon and Ridley Jones. To help them recall, Netflix sends emails every 2 weeks with worksheets, coloring sheets, and even a list of other shows that have the same topic or related topic as the show they were watching. If you’re looking for something to add to your kids’ homeschool curriculum, Netflix has you covered with these emails.

But asides from the activity sheets, kids also need to know how to use Netflix properly. While kids are curious, we need to make sure they don’t watch anything that’ll make them uncomfortable. Netflix will also be sending kid-friendly user guides to them through the Recap feature so you won’t have to worry too much about your kid stumbling on a horror movie that’ll prevent them from sleeping in their own beds.

Top 10 Rows: What are good Netflix movies for kids nowadays?

When we’re looking for films and movies, we usually ask our mom friends what’s good to watch nowadays. But not all moms have young kids and if you have toddlers, there’s a lot of movies that might be too deep for them. To make sure you don’t stress yourself from finding movies for your kids, Netflix now has something called the Top 10 Rows where it shows you the top 10 movies kids have been watching on Netflix.

As to how many times the reel refreshes, it highly depends on the user. The row is so dynamic that it tracks in real-time how many kids have been watching that movie. At least now, you won’t have to dive so deep into Netflix to find something good for the kids to watch.

Thank you, Netflix for keeping us and our kids sane during this lockdown!

As we now enter Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) Season 3 and the rainy season, we’ll need to stock up on supplies to help fight off our kids’ boredom and to keep the morale up in the house. While waiting for our kids’ books to arrive, we can balance their screentime between Minecraft and Netflix to help have a change of pace. And while you’re at it, you can even make your bedroom or their room like a movie theatre so they can have a change of scenery. Happy watching!

Running out of things to watch? Here are some movies you can watch with kids!

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