How To Set Up Your Teens And Tweens’ YouTube Account

With all this talk about internet safety for kids, tweens and teens, this new, supervised experience on YouTube could make all the difference for your family

As parents, protecting our kids is always top of our list — even if they’re in that dreaded tween and teen stage. The thing is, as much as we’d always like to always be around our kids, it’s virtually impossible. And the older the get, the more independence they want, especially when it comes to being online. While YouTube has done a great job with YouTube kids, it hasn’t done much for tweens and teens… till today.

Important changes on YouTube parents of tweens and teens should know about

Tweens and teens have different needs and as they grow up, the more curious and independent they become. Nobody knows this better than the folks at YouTube, who are set to launch a supervised experience for teens and tweens. Here’s what parents need to know:

1. Parents now have content options

For children ready to move on from YouTube kids and explore content suitable for viewers ages 9 and above, parents can select the Explore option. The Explore More option is better suited for viewers ages 13+, while the Most of YouTube offers all the videos except for age-restricted videos.

2. New features for families

When you have tweens and teens, it’s difficult for parents to find that balance between empowering them and monitoring their online presence. YouTube helps families strike that balance by allowing parents to set controls and manage watch and search history from within their child’s account settings.

3. No personalized ads, commenting or in-app purchases

For tweens and teens, it’s important that certain features — such as personalized ads and in-app purchases are disabled. And yes, YouTube understands that self-expression and community are important for tweens and teens, which is why they’ll continue to work with parents and experts to add the features through an age-appropriate and parent controlled approach.

Finally, parents of teens and tweens can breathe a sigh of relief — thanks to these new YouTube features, our kids are safer online.

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