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Bond Besties: Alelee and Alexa Andanar’s Favorite Things

What do the Andanar women do when they spend time together?

There are many things we wish we could do after the pandemic ends. But while there is still so much left that is “unknown,” parents have to make do with what we can do — for now. We had a long chat with mother-daughter duo, Alelee and Alexa Andanar — check it out here. They also got really candid with the Modern Parenting team about the things they do everyday when they are together and simply just hanging out. 

Alelee let us in on some things that only they are privy to.

Where’s a good place to eat?

We always find ourselves at La Chinesca in the South for some phenomenal tacos. We love going there because the vibe is very cool and casual. We recommend you’d order the Tuna Tostada and the crispy shrimp or chicken tacos. We’d usually talk about Alexa’s love life and love problems (lol)!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

We are each other’s stylists. We often ask one another’s opinions on what to wear on the daily. When Alexa was in Boston, we’d send each other pictures of our OOTDs for approval. For shopping, our favorites are Aritzia, Reformation, Zara, and & Other Stories.

What is your favourite travel destination?

If given the chance to travel again, we would most definitely go south, to Siargao to be exact. We both really love the island vibe and how it has a world of its own. That’s also where my husband is from, so it’s nice to revisit his home. Aside from surfing, our favorite spots in Siargao are Kalinaw Resort, Shaka Siargao, Miguel’s Taqueria, and Barrel Spot Surfhouse

Who takes longer when getting dressed up?

I spend more time getting ready in the morning, but it takes Alexa a lot more time to contemplate an outfit.

What do you watch when you are girl bonding?

Rom Coms FTW! We love rom com movies. We always watch He’s Just Not That Into You and Notting Hill multiple times over. We also love feel-good series on Netflix like Emily in Paris. While watching, we like to binge on our favorite chocolates and sweets!

Who has a bigger appetite?

Alexa has the bigger appetite. She’s the foodie and asks me to join her when she is craving for something or when she wants to try a new restaurant. Her love for food prompted her to take baking seriously and that’s how Lexa Bakes started. Oh to be young and have that kind of metabolism again

Who usually calls first?

As the mom, I always call first. Moms, do you agree?

Who borrows clothes more often?

Alexa borrows my clothes more often. Luckily most of my clothes fit her. 

Who wakes up first and who goes to bed last?

I wake up first and go to bed last. What can I say? I’m a mom!

Who is on the phone more often?

We are equally attached to our phones.

Who knows their way around the kitchen better?

Both! I am a better cook, while Alexa is the better baker. My mom is a force in the kitchen and my sisters and I grew up eating her home-cooked meals. She always makes big batches of food to share with others. Feeding people is her happiness. I think I got that from her. My specialties include paella and hot pot. Alexa loves to bake cookies and cakes. So it’s a perfect combination.

Who has a stronger fashion sense?

I’ve always been into fashion, hence my shop, Luxuri Manila. Perhaps Alexa has learned a thing or two being around me all these years. 

Being around Alelee and Alexa is such good vibes. You can tell that they really love being together, and it transcends just being mom and daughter — they are really each other’s friends and allies. They are easy-going, no-nonsense and full of light. Cheers to being #MotherDaughterGoals, ladies. 

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