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Aliza Apostol Goco: Endorphins for Breakfast

Wellness enthusiast, content creator and mom of three Aliza Apostol Goco shares how she’s managed to sculpt abs of steel all while running a household during a pandemic. 

Aliza Apostol-Goco, also known on Instagram as @mustlovemom, is both fitness and lifestyle goals. Her daily posts chronicle a colorful fashion, beauty and fitness journey. She’s taken followers through wellness adventures that include rigid weight training, mindful movement and a nutritional program with the Baron Method. The wellness enthusiast and mom of three, is also occupied by the work of a content creator. She does all of this all while simultaneously running a household. 

Finding the source of those endorphins

Her days begins with a morning sweat session and continues on with more workouts, at least two, sometimes three a day. She confesses that stylish workout gear and the endorphin rush motivate her to put in the work. Aliza shares that she alternates strength training with cardio workouts like spin classes. This pandemic also allowed her the opportunity to really focus on her health and fitness because it didn’t just make her look good, but it made her feel good. On other days, she squeezes in a Barre or Pilates session. Rest, she emphasizes, is just as important as movement. It is when the body is able to recharge and regenerate from the intense burn. She explains, “A lot of us take this for granted; getting the right amount of sleep lets our bodies and minds recharge.”

Fitness is Systemic

When it comes to mealtime and nutrition, Chinky defers to her chef husband, Robby Goco. The renowned restaurateur behind the famed Cyma, Souv, Cangrejos Locos, and Green Pastures whips up dishes at home that are high in protein and are considered good carbs. Aliza adds, “He tells the kids stories about the food they’re eating, so they’ll appreciate each dish. For example, he’ll talk about how he cooked a certain dish, what ingredients are in it and which farm it’s from.”

While the Gocos have tried their best to stay healthy and positive through the pandemic, they too were affected by the uncertainty it brought. “Robby and I had to sit back, analyze and re-think our plans,” Aliza intimates. “This strengthened our relationship even more and helped us appreciate the family time, getting enough sleep, and the importance of self-care.”

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