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Hindy Weber: How She Maintains Fitness at the Farm

As the visionary that popularized the #balikbukidlife, Hindy Weber shares how living sustainably at a time of health crisis has reaped boundless benefits for her and the family. 

Fifteen years ago, Hindy Weber and her family packed their bags, bade city life goodbye. They’ve never looked back since. Today, she is regarded as one of the pioneers of the sustainable living moment in the Philippines. Hindy’s wellness concept Holy Carabao Farms and lifestyle label Hindy Weber Everyday echo her family’s love for living green and clean. It also reflects a holistic lifestyle approach anchored on people, the planet, and the community.  

Understanding the Value of Food

“From the very start of parenthood, 20+ years ago, our children already knew how to value food, how to respect how it was grown, and to honor those who brought it to our table,” Hindy explains. Farm-to-table fare is a staple in her home, creatively presented at mealtimes to whet appetites even of the pickiest eaters. She utilizes her flair for style and creativity in preparing meals that pique her children’s interests. On her dining table, fresh and sustainably-sourced produce is plated to showcase vibrant colors and fun forms. Hindy adds, “I’ll also throw in a secret ingredient and make them guess what it is… or keep it a secret if it’s something I know they wouldn’t normally eat.” 

Keeping a balance between fitness and food

Fitness accompanies healthy eating habits. At the farmhouse, movement is highly encouraged—even it’s only for five minutes each day. For Hindy, the body’s ability to adapt and develop strength at any age is motivation to carve out time for exercise. She even admits to finding inspiration from septagenerian athletes on Instagram. Her kids have clearly picked up on Hindy’s passion for fitness, and have taken on interests of their own. She details, “So far only one of our children has had the opportunity or interest to be in competitive sports. The others like to dabble in Muay Thai, kung fu, arnis, baseball, frisbee, basketball, dance, yoga. Hopefully, they get to play team sports one day because it would be so much fun to go crazy cheering in the rafters.” 

Exercise is a shared activity at Hindy’s home as are meals. Nighttime is typically reserved for movie night. It’s a departure from the pre-pandemic schedule they once had, where the children were spending most of their free time with friends. She intimates, “The past year gave us no choice but to try and enjoy each other’s company, and I am so relieved that we all still have a full head of hair.”  

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