Dara David Roa Shares Her Joy Being Cozy in Nature

Collab Contessa’s founder Dara David Roa shares her advocacy in creating a space that perfectly emulates garden living with Cozy in Nature.

dara david roa of cozy in nature
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When Dara David Roa first began Cozy in Nature with Ruby Roa of the Makati Garden Club, she decided to make the space embody garden living. Cozy in Nature would then become a lifestyle space where Dara would showcase a variety of products to reflect it. She wanted to infuse style, practicality, and functionality while supporting local industries and encouraging garden living. Dara’s hope for Cozy in Nature was to encourage families to create their own “oasis” at home where they can find solace and peace from the traumatizing pandemic.

dara david roa of cozy in nature
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Cozy in Nature: The Art of Garden Living

Going back to one’s roots and understanding the beauty of nature is something Dara wanted to share with other families through Cozy in Nature. She gathered a variety of suppliers and shops that advocate the same. By utilizing more natural designs, it creates a safe space for those who wish to flee from the worries and horrors of the pandemic. Even if it’s just for a brief moment, going back to nature does wonders for one’s mental health.

cozy in nature

“We saw how the pandemic created more plantitas and plantitos. So, we wanted to be part of the people’s drive and interest in nature,” explains Dara. “It’s about time we infused that into our homes so that we can still enjoy the natural gifts from both inside and outside.”

Sensitivity and Solidarity

But starting a business during a pandemic is hard for parents. The economy was in nobody’s favor and people were penny-pinching to survive. Dara took that jump to go back to her roots—to bring nature and share her passion for garden living through Cozy in Nature. The key to it was not just commitment but also being sensitive to other people’s needs.

dara david roa of cozy in nature

“A lot of courage and trust in yourself is needed especially in what you want to do. You also have to know your responsibilities,” explains Dara. “Since we’re living in the pandemic, we need to be sensitive in other people’s needs and it’s all about solidarity nowadays. If your purpose is coming from that then, your business will thrive. It does take some bravery as it’s not easy to drive people to experience your business.”

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Building a Business is Like Raising a Family

Dara didn’t decide on a whim to start Cozy in Nature. It took commitment and accepting that she had a responsibility to run it—just like raising a family. There was talking to clients and making sure that the lifestyle space featured exactly what she wanted people to experience from Cozy in Nature. For those who want to check it out, they can go to the space where the old Maria Louisa Cafe used to be. Experience garden living and find ideas for your own homes. Follow Cozy in Nature on Facebook to know more.

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