Almira Muhlach Is the Modern, Protective Mom in Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune

Almira plays Elizabeth Chan, the first wife who fights for her two sons rights

Last January 3, Filipinos once again were introduced into the world of Filipino-Chinese families via the new Mano Po series. Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune dives into the world of the Chan family whose members are divided over money and power following the death of Edison Chan. Steffy Dy (Barbie Forteza), a young ambitious woman finds herself in the middle of the family’s issues. Things get complicated when two of the Chan brothers Anton (David Licauco) and Joseph (Rob Gomez) try to win her heart.

If that was not enough, Elizabeth Chan, played by Almira Muhlach returns from the US to make sure that her sons Anton and Kenneth earn what’s right as legal heirs of the family. Modern Parenting reached out to Almira via email, where she discussed her role, lessons she learned doing the show, and the exciting scenes to watch out for.

Almira on playing Elizabeth Chan, the legal wife and modern parent

Almira shared that when she first read about Elizabeth, she got excited about the role. Unlike other stories where the first wife is often quiet or behind the spotlight, Elizabeth is a fighter.

“I was very excited to play the role of the ‘Legal Wife” and the protective mother of my sons,” she said. “I studied more of the character and practiced different ways that I can deliver my lines to show the audience the strength of Elizabeth Chan and her rightful position in the family.”

When it comes to fighting for what’s right, Almira can relate to Elizabeth’s personality.

“I am a mother of three girls and I think one of the qualities that I share with Elizabeth is her strength as a mother and her determination to rise above it all,” she said. ” Even if my past was full of hurt and pain, I was determined to rise up and be strong for my children. I knew I had to show my children that they can rely on me even if I had to raise them alone as a single mom.”

“Elizabeth will do and sacrifice everything for her children and we share both of those qualities as a mom. I guess we both are fighters especially when it comes to our children, which makes us a modern parent.”

Almira on insights and lessons from doing Mano Po

For Almira, being part of the cast also gave her insights into the perceptions people see regarding Filipino-Chinese families.

“I learned from this series that most Chinese families usually appoint a man in the family to be the head of their business empire. I also learned that Filipino-Chinese families are family-oriented and protective of each other,” she said.

The show, she said will allow viewers to look into the dynamics of many Filipino-Chinese families.

“In this teleserye, we showed that Chinese families train the younger generations as early as possible so that they may be prepared to take over the business in the future,” Almira said. We were also able to show here that the legal family will always have the right over the second family and so on.”

Almira Muhlach on the exciting scenes ahead

With tensions building between family members including Elizabeth and the mistress Valerie Lim (Maricel Laxa), Almira said viewers will have a lot to expect in the upcoming episodes.

“Our viewers should watch out for the #TeamLegalwife confrontations of Elizabeth and Valerie and their realizations that revenge never brings peace and happiness,” Almira said. “There will be shocking secrets to be revealed but in the end, the Chan family will rise above it all and have a stronger and closer relationship.”

How will the Chan brothers rise above the challenges? Will Elizabeth get her way within the family? How will Steffy balance her work and the rivalry of Anton and Joseph? We will just have to be glued to the screens to watch out for what’s going to happen.

Mano Po: The Family Fortune airs Monday to Friday evening on GMA

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