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Andi Manzano-Reyes Is Pregnant With Baby #3!

Right on Thanksgiving, Andi Manzano-Reyes and GP Reyes drop the news that they’re expecting #littlegpandi3.

There’s a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, especially for the Manzano-Reyes family. Besides the girls adjusting to face-to-face classes and the many book launches, “Bad Boy Gone Dad” GP Reyes and Content Creator mom Andi Manzano are now expecting a third baby. The parents posted videos and photos of Andi getting an ultrasound with the two little girls, Olivia and Amelia, tagging along.

“A lot to be thankful for.”

“There are a lot of things to be thankful for this year but the biggest (or the tiniest one I might add) is this little growing bun inside me,” writes Andi Manzano. “I can’t believe I get to say this but… I’m going to be a mom of 3!”

Andi Manzano posted a video of her having an ultrasound. GP Reyes and the two girls hung around to watch in expectation of their incoming sibling.

GP Reyes, who’s been quite diligent in turning his Instagram into his online diary, reveals that the two little girls already shared if they wanted a brother or sister. “Amelia is so excited to be an ate! She wants a baby sister. Oli wants a baby brother. But, we’re not quite sure yet. Next month daw,” he captions in the collage he made of Andi’s third pregnancy journey.

Congratulations to Andi and GP!

The Manzano-Reyes family truly has a lot to be thankful for. Besides the new incoming addition, Olivia has been doing well in her voice lessons and recordings. GP Reyes, who recently celebrated his birthday 2 days ago, also successfully published and launched Louie Ysmael’s book “Good Morning, Time To Sleep“. Congratulations on the new baby, Andi and GP!

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