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Andi Manzano-Reyes: “Face-To-Face Classes Revealed A New Side To Amelia.”

Andi Manzano-Reyes shares how the onset of face-to-face classes revealed a different side of her daughter, Amelia.

The resumption of face-to-face class brought about a lot of changes in the Manzano-Reyes household. Content creator and celebrity mom Andi Manzano-Reyes candidly revealed that her short break from social media was to address the call of motherhood, noticing how the resumption of face-to-face classes affected her family. “My kids needed me. Motherhood calls,” she writes while sharing her photo diary of the family’s highlights of the week.

“Beneath the strong, tough, independent little girl is a baby that still needs her mama.”

When Olivia started her first day in school, Amelia revealed to Andi a different side of her. Being alone in the morning with no one to play with confused and saddened the younger sister. “Amelia would run out of her room looking for her sister every morning. ‘Ate, where are you?’,” shares Andi. “She’d also tell me how sad she was that Ate [Olivia] is no longer there to play with her every morning.”

So Andi answered motherhood’s call: by becoming Amelia’s new playmate!

Being Amelia’s new playmate revealed a lot to Andi. It also excited her that she now had the whole year to bond with her youngest in a new and different way. “She’s a tough, strong, and independent little girl. She always shows us that side of herself. But lately, she has shown me that she’s still a baby and that she still needs her mama.”

Change is best handled together.

Many parents dreaded the first day of face-to-face classes due to the sudden change. Online learning allowed a lot of room for mistakes, coaching, and more cooperative-type learning. But as Andi shared on her Instagram, although it was a struggle to accept the change, it also wasn’t something that Amelia had to do alone. And the best part is, Amelia now has two playmates: Andi in the morning and Ate Olivia in the afternoon or evening!

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