Celebrity Kids and Their Reactions On Their First Days at School

Some of these celebrity kids had really cute reactions on their first days attending school.

Ever since the DepEd released a memorandum on face-to-face classes, schools have been opening up. But kids can be on the fence about it, ranging from screaming and crying to being excited. But with a little processing and patience, these celebrity parents kept their kids’ tantrums to a minimum while giving them something to look forward to. Check out these celebrity kids and how things unfolded during their first days at school.

Johanna and Juan Luis (of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo)

Johanna and Juan Luis looked more than happy to go to school. It was Judy Ann Santos who had the separation anxiety, not them! But the celebrity mom took it in stride and with pride as her kids went off on their first day of school.

Amelia and Olivia (of Andi Manzano and GP Reyes)

These celebrity girls’ reactions were too wholesome to ignore. When Amelia went to school, she had nothing but big smiles. Unfortunately, Olivia’s turn had some tears from the younger sister. “She was tearing up and she said when she saw Olivia dressing up, ‘Ate’s leaving me’,” writes Andi on her Instagram. According to the celebrity mom, Olivia was so happy to go to school that she just went in without looking back.

Kendra (eldest daughter of Chesca and Doug Kramer)

The eldest celebrity kid of the Kramer bunch is finally spreading her wings as she heads off to attend her first day in a more traditional school. However, celebrity mom Chesca knows that she is more than ready. “After 4 years of homeschooling, you’re more ready than ever. You’ve created good habits, established a study system, and you’ve got your convictions set in stone. It’s going to be weird not having you around in our classroom. But at the same time, I am so excited to see you bloom and discover more about yourself,” she writes.

Pepe and Pilar (of Korina Sanchez and Former VP Mar Roxas)

Celebrity mom Korina Sanchez was overjoyed when her twins Pepe and Pilar showed no fuss on their first day of school. The twins supported each other and even had a car ride while holding hands, showing the bond they have.

May these celebrity kids enjoy their first day of school!

The first days or weeks of school are always intimidating for some kids. They may suffer separation anxiety. But the majority of the time, it’s the parents who suffer the anxiety instead! Especially having celebrity status, there’s a lot for these kids to handle. But so long as their mom and dad know what’s going on, they know they’re going to be fine.

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