Toddler Tantrums Driving You Crazy? These 5 Tricks Will Help You Deal

When your toddler’s determined to raise your blood pressure, here’s how to deal…

We’ve all been there before — clenched jaws and fists — while our toddlers whine and throw another tantrum. Tantrums can undoubtedly drive anyone crazy, but what if there was an easier way to deal with them? What if we could skip the intense rage part and go straight to zen mode? Here are some tried and tested tips that could help…

5 Easy Ways To Deal With Tantrums

1. Know what’s causing the tantrum

Tantrums are usually caused by an unmet need. It’s their way of telling us they’re stressed, hungry, tired, or overwhelmed. Since toddlers don’t have the vocab we do, it’s hard for them to express themselves. Hence, the tantrum. Before lashing out, take a deep breath and find out what’s causing these big feelings. Once you’ve sorted it, you can start problem solving.

2. Make them laugh

An easy way to diffuse a volatile situation is a hefty dose of laughter. Grab bub and tickle their ticklish spots. Tell a poop or fart joke. Laughter is always the best medicine, especially when it comes to kids. Once both of you have calmed down, you can regroup and get back to the problem at hand.

3. Be present

The more present we are as parents, the easier it is for us to read our toddler’s cues. A tantrum is also a call for help and attention and knowing what triggers them could stop them (mostly) once and for all.

4. Give them choices

Toddlers don’t always know what they want, and can’t tell you otherwise. Giving them choices — at least two— gives them options and feeling as if they’ve gotten their way.

5. Provide a safe space for all those feelings

Everyone needs safe spaces to let out our feelings. Give your child a hug and let them know you’re there to help them. Get down to their eye level, make eye contact — show them that they’ve got our full attention while they’re falling apart. It’s the best reassurance they can get.

Navigating stressful moments like tantrums can be tough, but with patience and helpful tips like these, hopefully you can put an end to them once and for all. You’ve got this, mama!

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