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Angeline Quinto is Engaged to Nonrev Daquina

In a series of Instagram Stories, singer Angeline Quinto has confirmed she is engaged to her non-showbiz partner Nonrev Daquina.

Singer Angeline Quinto is engaged! On Saturday, September 24 via Instagram Stories, she posted two photos alluding to her engagement to non-showbiz partner Nonreve Daquina.

“It’s time to write a new story,” the first photo read. The second photo showed the words boyfriend and girlfriend crossed out and replaced with fiancé and fiancée.

According to the entertainment site PUSH, Angeline, who is in the United States for a series of concerts, mentioned the engagement when she introduced her soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Angeline Quinto engaged
Photo from Angeline Quinto

The couple is parents to son Slyvio, who was born last April.

Introducing Nonrev to the public

It was in November of last year that Angeline confirmed she was pregnant. At that time, she did not say much about the father of her child.

In May, she formally introduced Nonrev to the public via her vlog, where they shared some details about their relationship.

Aside from singing, Angeline is also part of Twinqle, a line of baby care, and Kusina ni Angeline.

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