Angeline Quinto Reveals Her Bout With Postpartum Depression

Angeline Quinto: “How do I know if I have postpartum depression after having a baby?”

Postpartum depression is something that often goes unnoticed. At times, it’s easy to brush it off as just a bad day. But sometimes, the days can get harder. Celebrity singer-actress and now mom Angeline Quinto revealed in an interview how the emotions seemed to spiral and swing from two different poles but embraced it as a part of motherhood.

Photo from Angeline Quinto

It’s Hard To Trace

During an interview, Angeline Quinto admitted how usually the target was her boyfriend, Nonrev Pelayo.

“Sometimes, I could be so mad at him and I wouldn’t know why,” she confessed. “But there are also times that I’m so in love with him. My manager said it might be postpartum depression but I’m not quite sure.”

However, she mentioned in the interview how she did embrace it as part of being a mother to her son, Sylvio.

“A lot of times, it’s hard. Dealing with the emotions and all, being angry, then crying, and then wondering what I’ll feel the next day. But the moment I look at my baby, all those difficulties just seem to melt away. There’s just so much to learn about being a mother and I’m willing to go through all of that for Sylvio.”

When asked what the most challenging part is, she muses that it’s usually the loss of sleep.

“It’s shocking and sometimes confusing when Sylvio suddenly starts crying. It’s also sometimes when I’m giving him a bath, I keep asking myself if I’m doing something wrong.”

Photo from Angeline Quinto

The Importance of Support

However, the one thing Angeline Quinto mentioned that was most helpful in dealing with what may be her bout with postpartum depression was the support from friends. Especially after the loss of Mama Bob.

“But I’m really thankful for those who stood by me. When there’s something I’m not sure about Sylvio, I usually ask my mom friends if they know what might be wrong,” she shares. “Even though Mama Bob isn’t with us anymore, I know that God has plans for us and He always tries to strike a balance. And from now on, I’m willing to do everything I can for Sylvio.”

Angeline gave birth to Sylvio last April 27, 2022.

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