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Anna Vicente: Double Joy Thanks to Her Twins

‘Ang Dalawang Ikaw’ actress Anna Vicente welcomed her twins last February and tells Modern Parenting what life has been so far as a new mom.

Life as a young mother can be quite challenging. But GMA 7 actress and Ang Dalawang Ikaw star Anna Vicente has cherished the moments since welcoming her twins last February.

Although overjoyed with the arrival of Alexandra Isabelle and Isaiah Paolo, Anna also had her struggles as a new mom which she shared with Modern Parenting.

Anna Vicente on the news of her pregnancy

When she first found out she was pregnant, Anna said she was overjoyed but later on started thinking of what will happen next.

“I was really so happy about it. But after a couple of days, reality kicked in. ‘What will other people say? They might judge me,’ ‘How about my career?’ These are the few questions I asked myself,” she said. “Pero s’yempre blessings sila. I have been blessed by not just one but two angels, kaya I’m so thankful. There is no room for doubts anymore,” she said.

anna vicente
Photo from Anna Vicente

Double the joy

The twins were indeed a blessing and double joy that they changed her perspectives at the age of 23.

“This is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being a mom. Some people say I’m very young pa pero instant maturity talaga eh. When I got pregnant and gave birth, it really changed my perspective in life,” she said. “The happy-go-lucky Anna is gone. I’m striving to change for the better, and becoming more responsible not just for myself but also for the babies. Kasi may mga bata akong papalakihin.”

“I want them to be exposed to a good and healthy environment. And s’yempre, it all starts from us – their parents.”

Anna Vicente on the brief separation from her twins

In a previous Instagram post, Anna shared that following the birth of her twins, they were briefly separated as they had to be taken to the NICU of the hospital. How did she cope with the time away from them?

“I must say it was really hard, and painful that yes, I gave birth but I’m not able to be with my babies at home yet. It is really challenging because as I shared, we had to go to the hospital every day anong oras manyan.  I was healing from my CS operation at the same time anxious about how my babies are doing in the NICU. But I really had to be strong. I wanted to share my story because I want to serve as an inspiration to all the moms going through the same situation. That it’s okay, and you just have to be strong. It’s not you, it’s not your fault,” she said.

“And true enough, there are moms who messaged me and shared their inspiring stories as well. Na lucky pa pala ako because mayroon pang ibang moms na mas malala ‘yung pinagdaanan. And that’s what made me stronger. Sa totoo lang ‘di ko po akalain na ganito ako katatag. I guess ‘yun talaga ‘yung motherhood. Because you know there are people counting on you and luckily my twins are fighters kaya nakatulong din sila sa akin.”

Slowing down for now

With two bundles of joy, Anna said she and Paolo have discussed the set-up of taking care of the twins. She also shared that she’ll be returning to showbiz. But taking care of the twins is her main priority.

“I wanna spend more precious time with them first. We can’t bring back time. Mabilis lang ‘yung panahon. But of course, acting is my passion so I’ll definitely go back. Who knows baka sila din, right?” she said.

Now that she is a mom, Anna said she is looking forward so to raising her children.

“I’m looking forward to learning. Sa lahat ng matutunan ko as a mother to the twins. How to handle challenging times. S’yempre we are first-timers so it’s a learning process. But ‘yun nga, it really changed my perspective now. I learned how to control where my time and energy go. I value my peace of mind now kasi I have to live a healthy life not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Para ‘yung mga babies, heathy ‘yung environment na kalakihan nila.

Anna Vicente on the new meaning of being a woman and a mom

With the Philippines recently celebrating Women’s Month, Anna said being a mom also gave her a different perspective of motherhood.

“Now that I’m a mother, lalong tumaas ‘yung repect ko for mothers. It’s a huge responsibility to have, especially twins pa. I never actually thought that I can be this strong. Alam ko that we are going through different situations, different phases but we are not giving up. Kaya I salute them. Nothing but respect for mothers,” she said.

anna vicente
Photo from Anna Vicente

“Now that I’m also raising a soon-to-be woman, celebrating women is very important to me. I want [my] daughter and son to grow up raising and empowering women.”

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