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How Sam Pinto is Getting Ready For Motherhood

Read how model, influencer, and soon-to-be mom Sam Pinto-Semerad is getting ready to welcome her first baby in just a few short weeks. 

Sam Pinto-Semerad is better known as a model, influencer, actress, co-owner of Sirena Swimwear, and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate. Now, the newlywed (she married husband Anthony Semerad earlier this year) is getting ready for her latest role: being a mom. We caught up with Sam to see how she’s doing in her third trimester, what helped her through her pregnancy, and her birth plan.

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Finding out she was pregnant

Like many first-time moms, Sam Pinto-Semerad wasn’t expecting the pregnancy. But the joy soon overtook the shock. “I cried so much. I wasn’t expecting it at all! You know that your whole life will change. I wasn’t planning to have a baby any time soon. But the blessing happened and of course, we accepted it wholeheartedly!” Sam beams. 

Sam’s Pregnancy Journey

“It’s been alright. Pretty smooth that I sometimes forget that I’m pregnant,” Sam laughs. “It’s just being heavy and tired all the time is the difference.”

Although Sam remained feeling like herself for most of her pregnancy, she admitted that accepting all the changes going through her body was hard at first. But after listening to a lot of different pregnancy affirmations, she eventually understood and accepted it. “It really helped me a lot to accept it,” shares Sam. “I know my body’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing. We’re creating a life here and it’s crazy amazing.” These are wonderful tips for any pregnant woman who might have a challenging time with watching their body change everyday.

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With her on the home stretch of her pregnancy, Sam is looking forward to her baby girl coming. Being pregnant during a pandemic is no easy feat, but Sam just takes it one day at a time. “Originally, my due date was August 29. But my doctor moved it to September 5 because her size is so small. I’m 37 weeks now, but her size is only 34 weeks. We’re just giving her more time to grow. About our hospital plans, we just take it day by day because it keeps changing, but as much as possible I want Anthony to be there with me. I’m hoping It won’t be ECQ anymore when I deliver.”

We’re also hoping ECQ, and this pandemic ends soon. Hats off to all the moms who have given birth this past year! Giving birth is hard enough, doing it during a pandemic is even harder. 

Plans for the little princess

When Sam and Anthony found out they were having a girl, both were just elated. “I wanted a girl actually! It just seems more fun to have a girl and dressing them up with cute clothes. Plus I feel like I would know what to do more than having a boy,” Sam shared. “But Anthony’s super excited — more than me I think! He says that she’ll be his little princess.” We love it when daughters have their dads wrapped around their little fingers!

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Baby names can be hard to choose but when Sam and Anthony found out they were going to have a girl, they chose a pretty name: Mia Aya. “Mia means queen of the sea which is just perfect because I love the beach and ocean. She’s going to be my little mermaid for sure. Aya means the lucky one. She is our lucky one. She will bring so much blessing in our lives,” Sam explained.

As their little mermaid, Sam and Anthony have prepared a beautiful beachy-theme nursery that anyone would love. Known for her love of the ocean, the co-owner of Sirena Swimwear styled her home to have a very tropical beach theme. “I wanted it to match our whole condo theme which is a very tropical, beachy theme. Since I love the beach, I wanted to bring the beach vibe to my home. And of course, Mia’s stuff will have the same vibe.”

What’s the birth plan?

Like many first-time moms, Sam has spent some time thinking of how she would like her labor and delivery to be. “My birth plan is to be as natural as possible. Hospital, vaginal, smooth, fast, haha. I just want it to be as quick as possible so it won’t be too traumatizing. I hear a lot of scary stories, but yeah just get her out already haha as safe and smooth as possible.” This sounds like a great plan to us!

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What’s next for Sam Pinto-Semerad?

With her due date just a few short weeks away, Sam is getting ready for her baby as much as she can. “Everyone says being pregnant is the easiest part, haha. I’ve just been letting my body rest as much as it wants to. I’m the type of person who has to keep doing something, but since I’m now pregnant, the mind is saying do this and that, but the body is saying no, you rest. So I’ve just been a vegetable and resting A LOT.” We wholeheartedly agree with this plan. We would add, get as much sleep as you can before the sleepless nights start!

We’re so happy for Sam and Anthony as they embark on this new journey as parents. Motherhood isn’t always easy, but it looks like Sam is on the right track. We wish Sam a safe and easy delivery and we can’t wait to see Mia Aya soon!


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