Teens Can Now Own the Extraordinary With Atome

Atome, Asia’s leading “buy first, pay later” app, selects one of our teens’ favorite K-Pop bands, ASTRO, as their brand embassadors.

Looks like our teens might have more online shopping hauls coming in once they download Atome. With ASTRO now endorsing Atome, they’ll probably be utilizing the app so they can buy stuff online. Considering how loungewear is the new in thing, they’ll probably be shopping on ZALORA, SHEIN, Zara, Charles & Keith, and other big brands since Atome has partnered up with them. While we support the changes in their sense of fashion, we just have to make sure they don’t go overboard with the shopping!

atome brand ambassadors astro

Teens Chasing Passions and Aspirations with Atome

“We’re thrilled for ASTRO to be Atome’s new global brand ambassador. Atome is a brand that empowers young consumers to pursue their aspirations and passions,” says Fantagio, an agency for ASTRO.

The pandemic has put a lot of strain on our teens that they’ve probably gone into retail therapy to cope. But with most payments going cashless, it might be good to start teaching them how to use digital wallets. We can also use Atome to teach them how to use credit cards. The whole “buy first, pay later” scheme is similar to credit cards, and if they want to have their own credit card someday, they can learn by downloading Atome.

Learn How to Own the Extraordinary

Instead of letting our teens figure out how to use Atome on their own, the app is holding several events with deals that they can take advantage of. They have the Extraordinary Experience Instagram Challenge running from November 1 to 14. Then there’s the two-month-long Purchase and Win and Extraordinary Hunt running from November 1 to December 31, 2021.

ASTRO Guides Our Teens to Chase Their Dreams with Atome

Our teens right now are probably in a state of languishing. They’re struggling to survive and stay sane with every coping mechanism available on social media and the Internet. We can only hope that if they won’t listen to us, our teens learn from their favorite K-Pop band to chase their dreams through Atome. Those who want to learn more about it can check out the App Store and Google Play Store.

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