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Atticus and Kim King: The New YOLO

Atticus and Kim King are teaching their children a new way for living fuller, happier healthier and greener.

The harrowing experience of her mom’s cancer and the discovery of a cyst, encouraged Kim King to learn more about fasting and clean eating. As she probed deeper into good nutrition, it became clear that a fasting-focused diet was the key to a healthier lifestyle. This soon inspired her to spread the work through her business, Kim King’s Kitchen. A pioneer in organic meal plans and bone broth fasting programs, the brand has allowed Kim to coach others on how to live fuller and healthier. 

Connecting with the Kids

The mother of three admits that she’s grateful for the extra time spent with her children during the pandemic. Mealtimes are now a shared experience where everyone comes to the table fully present and engaged. It is a time for connecting, listening, and discovering new music and artists together. The children, Skye and Soul, are more than happy to take part. Oftentimes, they contribute to the research and development stage of Kim’s wellness concepts. Kim shares, “They enjoy being the guinea pigs for new recipes. It’s easy for us to provide the kids with unprocessed, organic, whole foods.”

Workouts in the King residence are regarded as fun family affairs. “After the kids have breakfast, they play barefoot in the garden. It helps control the sugar spike,” says Kim. She also recommends a walkpad or treadmill as a healthy location for online meetings. “It’s an efficient way to get all your steps in and increase your daily calorie expenditure,” she explains. 

Eat, Pray, Love

Both Kim and Atticus agree that extra time with family—eating better, moving, and connecting—was a godsend amidst the pandemic. The past months also made them realize the value in living amidst green spaces. Kim opines, “We realized we’d rather live out of town, and give the kids the opportunity to grow up around more nature-filled spaces.” It’s a good decision for the family especially after realizing that, truly, you only live once. 

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