David Semerad and Gwen Zamora on Clean, Cabin Living

For pro basketball player David Semerad and actress Gwen Zamora, the sweet cabin life brings their family of three their daily dose of wellness.

Being new parents in the new normal has taught professional basketball player David Semerad and actress Gwen Zamora to seek out the things that truly matter. For the young family, it’s nourishing their bodies with nutritious food and doing what they can to ensure that their son, Cooper, thrives. 

Last year, David and Gwen chose Batangas to build Semerad Cabin and find their bliss in voluntary simplicity. It’s a far cry from their city life. Here, they’ve found way to connect deeper with life’s simple pleasures. The Cabin is a place they eventually want to move to permanently. 

Life in the Cabin

During the pandemic, the weekend home proved to be a godsend, especially since kids aren’t allowed outside. In deciding to move there permanently, both David and Gwen agree that the sweet cabin life would benefit their son more. There’s so much more for him to learn, see and explore,” intimates Gwen. “This is why we’re planning our permanent move to the Semerad Cabin. That way, Cooper could grow up with nature, fresh air, and the freedom to run around and learn from the outdoors.” 

The family considers themselves lucky to have the option to live outside the city. This holds especially true in the context of new normal restrictions. To make up for the lack of outdoor time, Gwen and David have been filling Cooper’s day with activities. Lately, the young boy’s interests have been piqued by music. “We’ve gotten him a couple of instruments and we do voice lessons in the morning. It might seem like a little much, but he enjoys it,” shares Gwen.

 The Semerad Nutrition

To keep themselves in the pink of health, the family starts their day with fresh veggie and fruit juice. Meals at the Semerad home are consistently child-friendly albeit packed with vegetables and other greens. The couple shares that they always combine three types of vegetables as a means for broadening Cooper’s taste buds. It also helps them to stay on top of their meals. 

That David, a professional athlete who has to always stay on top of his game, factors into the family’s decision to stay healthy. Eating clean, loading up on vitamins and constant physical activity is par for the course for the Semerads, as well as getting enough sleep. David has even started training Gwen, doing a combination of weights and cardio, followed by supplements from Semerad Nutrition. “Of course, you need some fun too, to stay sane,” the new mom laughs. We most certainly agree. 

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