Atticus and Kim King Welcome Son Arkus

Entrepreneurs Kim and Atticus King welcomed their fourth child Arkus Stone.

Kim King and her husband Atticus King now have a son. On Monday, June 20, the couple posted photos of their boy, Arkus Stone, on their social media accounts.

“Welcome to the world, my love,” Kim captioned the photo.

Atticus wrote of his son and wife: “I gotta brag about and say thank you to my wife for just being so on point this entire pregnancy with her sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Our OB didn’t even require her to do the sugar test because Kim tracks her sugar levels with her continuous glucose monitoring device. One of the resident docs that admitted her said that’s the first time she’s seen an exemption on the sugar test. I’ve only seen that kind of discipline in one other person—my dad. So expectations are high for this little guy. He’s got my dad’s name and your blood in his veins. And here I am, just the sperm donor. I love and appreciate you with all that I am @brothqueen.”

 Watching from above

One of the couple’s good friends, actress Iza Calzado, congratulated them on the arrival of Arkus.

“Arkus!!!! Can’t wait to meet you! So happy for you and Kim and the family! Tito Archie is definitely proudly smiling. Congratulations!”

Arkus joins his sisters Amara, Aurora, and Artemis.

Congratulations to Kim and Atticus!

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