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Audrey Pastelero Talks About the Importance of Oral Hygiene in Her Family’s Daily Routine

When choosing the right products for your child’s health and hygiene, it is important to find out the ingredients and align it with your lifestyle

Moms have it tough, especially when looking after the health of their family. Most mothers would often juggle working, child-rearing, and managing the business altogether, so that one can wonder how they keep their children’s health in tip-top shape. 

Not a lot of people know the importance of checking their kids’ teeth and attending to dental cleanings every now and then, especially in this generation where we often cover our lower faces with face masks to avoid the infection of COVID-19. Audrey Pastelero, influential mom and entrepreneur, however, takes her entire family’s oral health very seriously to the point that she considers it a part of her daily routine.

Choosing the right products that are safe to be used by both adults and children is a long process, but Audrey swears by her family’s loyalty towards Orahex, an alcohol-free mouthwash that was recommended by her family dentist. 

Audrey at home

Audrey Pastelero’s love for a healthy lifestyle is reflected in the interior of her house which houses an abundance of plants.

As a mother of three lively boys and owner of businesses that aim to promote good health and organic choices for kids’ products, such as Momzilla, Milk Easy, Booboo Proof, Tropicale, Fun Nest, and Bum Boo, Audrey leads an extraordinarily active lifestyle in which she is completely hands-on in both raising her kids and helping moms from all over the world switch to healthier options. 

This health-conscious behavior is something that is evident in the influential mom’s home. “As you can see, I love plants,” Audrey shared. “It brings a lot of life into my home, and a lot of oxygen, too.” Her house is considered to be an abode of greens, as gardening is also one of the favorite things she does with her kids during their bonding moments. Her love for green energy and health is also reflected in her insistence to apply good hygiene at all times, not just because of the pandemic, but also because it is good practice for her three young kids. “One staple here at home is hygiene. That’s hand hygiene, oral hygiene, everything. So they’re so used to it already.” 

Orahex as a routine staple

Audrey is very inclusive of her children when it comes to her routine. She stated that the first thing they do after breakfast before any other activity is to immediately brush their teeth and gargle with Orahex. “Ideally, I get up with all of them, around 8 o’clock, or 7 o’clock. We get up in the morning, we do a little bit of play, the kids have a little bit of breakfast,” She summarized. “Of course, before we leave, we always gargle with Orahex.” 

As a brand recommended by their dentist, Audrey started using Orahex a long time ago. “I’m always concerned about my oral hygiene and throat,” she said. “My ENT used to always recommend it because I used to use something that would make my tongue kind of burn and I’d lose my taste buds. But with Orahex, it doesn’t have alcohol, so it’s not so stingy and even gentle enough for the kids.” 

While Orahex still has the minty flavor that most mouthwashes have, its contents make it so that it’s easy even for children to use to protect their teeth and maintain oral health. “Theo loves it. He calls it his ‘minty gargle wash’,” Audrey mentioned. “My mom raised me to always brush my teeth and fix my oral hygiene properly, so I do pass that down to my children because it’s so important.” 

By applying Orahex to her family’s routine, Audrey enjoys a healthy life with her kids, even as Theo started face-to-face classes. Throughout the day, Audrey leads the ideal routine of a working mother with lesser worries, especially since her kids had been raised to know the importance of oral hygiene at a young age. At the end of the day, Audrey and her kids also gargle Orahex before proceeding with their bedtime stories and sleeping time. 

Aside from being a routine staple, dentists recommend the brand for other health procedures such as gingivitis, plaque build-up, cold sores, and halitosis. It is also suggested to adjunct to oral hygiene prior to dental treatments such as crowns, bridges, implant maintenance, and so on. Furthermore, it can also be used as a soaking solution for dentures and orthodontic appliances. Ideally, just like Audrey, the product should be used twice daily 30 seconds after brushing: morning and evening. 

“As a mom, the most important thing for me, of course, is the well-being and the happiness of my children and my home,” Audrey advised. “Even with extensive research, it’s really important that everything I do with my kids is backed by research and professional opinions.” When it comes to health, Audrey strongly suggests for health-conscious moms such as herself to make sure to only search for factual information and heed the advice of family doctors and dentists. With the right amount of research and the love for family, one can ensure a healthy, stress-free, and happy lifestyle.

Learn more about Audrey Pastelero’s family by watching their ModernParenting At Home feature. Find out more about Orahex by visiting their Facebook account and always consult your family dentist before ordering online

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